Decoding Joker with Dylan Wade and Daniel Louis Crumpton

Dylan Wade

Joker is a film that is largely considered a masterpiece by cinephiles, and Daniel. I, however, took the position that the movie, while good, is overrated. Our debate is largely about the nature of conflict, I see Joker as a movie that lacks narrative focus, it lacks an external conflict that I feel is essential to creating a great narrative. Joker masters internal struggle, but due to the type of film it is, there’s no antagonist pushing Arthur forward. Daniel obviously makes a counter case and we have a good debate about it. Now, Joker does contain many great themes and talk about important issues. Daniel specifically, made a compelling case that Joker is a reverse solar messiah myth. His case is compelling, and while I think he’s reading too deep, he does make some interesting points.

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Dylan Wade loves cinema. I mean, he really, really loves cinema. Therefore, Mr. Wade has accompanied Team Zen to do that which he does best. Review cinema with the most excellent form of snarkiness with a hint of introspection. He also hosts the live podcast "Popcorn Politics" with the Ochelli Network. Groovy!

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