Decoding Man of Steel with Dylan Wade & D.L. Crumpton

Dylan Wade

Daniel Louis Crumpton joins me to discuss one of my favorite films, Man of Steel. Man of Steel is a subtext rich, a visual feast. This film presents the idea of morality in a way that no Superman adaptation has before. Superman was always an infallible icon, but in Man of Steel, he struggles, he questions himself. He’s still an icon, but he’s a relatable one. We talk about General Zod and his single-minded focus on conquering Earth to restore Krypton as an entry point to a larger discussion about Kal El representing choice and how that’s important for the messiah story.

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Dylan Wade loves cinema. I mean, he really, really loves cinema. Therefore, Mr. Wade has accompanied Team Zen to do that which he does best. Review cinema with the most excellent form of snarkiness with a hint of introspection. He also hosts the live podcast "Popcorn Politics" with the Ochelli Network. Groovy!

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