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Entry Twenty-Eight
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

The ruins have been left unattended for what I believe to be hundreds of harvests. Many buildings are collapsed and statues are defaced. What was once a thriving community and market for trade is now a desolate landscape, where only the souls of the lost pass. I do find it strange. Most of the nights I’ve spent retracing and recreating, what I assume was once a capitol of sorts, and while I have been doing this venture on my own, it feels as though the souls are still here. Watching me and waiting. Perhaps a secret lies within these hallowed grounds.

Entry Twenty-Nine
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

I believe I’ve found what appears to be a chapel of sorts. Surprisingly the upstairs was mostly intact. Most of the inner library was destroyed due to weather and time, but a few key books seem to be legible still. It may take some time to translate but the cover looks like a book of fables almost. To peek into the old worlds teachings and see how far we may have come. It’s quite exciting.
Before I forget, I should also bring up that the basement is nearly pristine. Very open space, some minor wall carvings of a creation myth. Some bits don’t match from what I remember but I guess that is what happens in history.

Entry Thirty
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

I’ve managed to figure out a decent chunk of the book of fables. The story reads from a third person perspective of a god like being watching a town. It flourished well and was wealthy. However an outsider came in to town and broke laws and customs constantly. Instead of sending the outsider out, the town just accepted him and let him do as he pleased. Eventually the outsider asked too many questions broke to many customs, and the gods in their anger of the citizens not punishing him correctly, cursed the man. He became a plague on the town, those who let him do as he pleased, were cursed and killed shortly after, by the gods or the cursed.
A very somber tone picks up afterward warning of acceptance of everyone and everything. Quite the cautionary tale I suppose. In those times however, to believe your trades would not cause indecision amongst your people of learning of new ideas may be something to warn against. Much like a church with too much power, or a government with too much control of it’s people, you wouldn’t want ideas to spread.
I do feel a connection to the outsider though. I do not belong here, place nor time. I am the outsider here but I do not know the customs. Perhaps me trying to learn more will be enough to allow me to stay and not become cursed.

Entry Thirty-One
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

While translating more of the fable, the book abruptly ended. The story does seem to of ended on correct note but there are still several empty pages. Nothing seems to exist on these pages but for a book of teaching to be empty post story seems very odd indeed. For now I’ll leave it be. I’m sure the library has more to find and learn.
The basement drew my attention as well. The illustrations in the book match similar wall carvings of gods and even the outsider. While I do not believe the creation myth is of the world or the outsider, it seems to show how something happened to the outsider, but scenes are out of place or completely missing. I will have to examine more of it later on. I shouldn’t dawdle on small details.

Entry Thirty-Two
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

The strangest thing occurred when I awoke this morning. The book of fables was open at my makeshift desk. The empty pages seemed to of partially filled out. Written inside was the story of an outsider visiting the town once more. This outsider was curious. He had gone through homes and buildings taking notes on items, completely ignoring the people. He was almost oblivious to the people of the town. I had a moment of heart rending terror as the image on the page over presented itself with me. I was reaching for a book off the shelves, but there in the back were several others watching me.
I could not help but read on. How could this book have ME written inside? As I turned, the pages spoke of me looking into the basement of the church once more and finding a passage going deeper. I have not done this! I know I have not. I would have had record! No. I put the book away into a satchel in the corner of my camp. I refuse to believe in some… ghost story.

Entry Thirty-Three
Year 30 of Grand Harvest

A young man from the university had visited today. He wanted to check up on me and see what I had learned. I gave some minor record of things. When he asked about if I found anything extraordinary out, my heart skipped a beat. Did he know about the book? Had they been spying on me? I don’t believe so but even so, I immediately lied. No grand artifacts of any sort had been located. The man shrugged and said he’d bring the report back to the university. He dropped off some supplies and left to go back.
For now it seems my secret is still with just me. I do not know why I prefer it this way but I feel I must learn this on my own. Something is drawing me to learn more about it.

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