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In this edition of the WAR-TOWN TIMES, your Humble, Author, Narrator & Fictional Character, Daniel Louis Crumpton, brings the first 8 episodes of Season 2 together into a singular presentation of “A Friendly, Neighborhood Manifesto” for the mid-season break. For the eager and apt pupil of Liberty, Freedom & all that entails, this full presentation will equip you with the Knowledge & resources you need to begin to make a change in not just WAR-TOWN, but any community across our Republic. Knowledge in Action is Power, therefore apathy is ignorance in a stagnated stillness. After viewing this road map to restore gubment to its proper role on local levels, rather than the irrelevant feddy level, you will most certainly have Knowledge. The question then lies with you, if you believe in yourself enough to take action where you live; peacefully, intelligently and through the Supreme Law.


The Crew of ZENintheCAR & the WAR-TOWN TIMES’s are beyond excited that you have found your way here, to the “War-Town Times: A Friendly Neighborhood Manifesto”. Contained within it is over 200 years of research and findings that when applied can return WAR-TOWN & other communities that follow its ideals back to a Republic where the Rights of the Individual are protected. We highly encourage you to watch it, read it, understand it, own it and of course, spread it. If and when the entire community is exposed to the Truths contained within it, a city known for its corruption in multiple systems can and will purge itself back to Freedom & Liberty. Feel free to print out the Manifesto as well as email it to everyone in your contact lists as well as share this audio/video presentation of the “Friendly Neighborhood Manifesto” presented in its entirety, wherever links can be posted. Enjoy, in Liberty!


-Season Two Overview-

Once more into the messing-about-with-local-gubment fray for Your Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character; Daniel Louis Crumpton & the War-Town War Room Crew! After a long hiatus, the team of the War-Town Times hath returned for the highly anticipated second season where the story is juicier, the stakes are higher & the sphincter muscles of those in elected office within the fictional city of “War-Town” will get tighter! In the second season of the War-Town Times, the mystery of gubment’s role in all our lives will be solved and actionable information for each and every one of you will be distributed more than the narcotics unit can disseminate fentanyl into our streets. Neat!! But wait! There’s more! Could it be this season, that our Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character has managed to find himself caught up in a conspiracy of corruption within the halls of War-Town gubment goofiness? Probably.

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