Demon Possession, Exorcisms & Technological Magick Spells with Adam “Yellow Bird” DeArmon: Part One

Alan Merrit

Adam “Yellow Bird” DeArmon returns to the ZENintheCAR Podcast after his triumphant victory in the state of Arizona over a violation of his 1st Amendment Rights to give Daniel Louis Crumption & Mona Lucia updates on the return of his medicine as well as the establishment of a new Sanctuary in the Red Woods. During this two part conversation, “Yellow Bird” turns the discussion towards his experience with negative entities during Shamanic work, his understanding of what they are and how to deal with them. Additionally Team Zen & “Yellow Bird” begin to dissect the notion that mass programming and magick spells just might be spittin’ through the headsets of online video game addicts around the world. Enjoy!

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Alan Merrit is an author, private speaker, social commentator and holds six origami champion medals in four counties. He has dedicated most of his public life to the furtherance of Polygamist Rights advocacy but only does that as a gag because he finds the institution of marriage a joke in and of itself. Alan lives and writes from Wellston Georgia where he can faithfully be found perfecting his cynical viewpoints on politics, society and anything else in need of being brought down a peg or two with exquisite contempt.

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