Homeschool Hero Stands up to the State over Cannabis Criminalization: The Kelly Elizabeth Story

Alan Merrit

Once again, the state oversteps its authority granted to it by the Constitution, resulting in the near destruction of an entire peaceful family’s life due to cannabis criminalization. Mother, teacher and homeschooler, Kelly Elizabeth joins Team Zen to share her traumatic and criminal interaction with the state of Georgia after engaging in her 1st Amendment to alleviate the suffering of others through plant based medicine/sacraments. Please take the time to listen, like and share this story of a Cannabis Activist Champion facing the remainder of life in prison, who is refusing to take the plea deal; in turn standing up for us all. Also be sure to stand behind Kelly Elizabeth by donating a few schillings to her gofundme so she can continue to fight for her family, her freedom and yours too. Linky-Poo’s below. Enjoy!


Kelly Elizabeth GOFUNDME Campaign

Article on the Case

Spartacus Legal

Listen to the ZEN in the CAR Stream!

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Alan Merrit is an author, private speaker, social commentator and holds six origami champion medals in four counties. He has dedicated most of his public life to the furtherance of Polygamist Rights advocacy but only does that as a gag because he finds the institution of marriage a joke in and of itself. Alan lives and writes from Wellston Georgia where he can faithfully be found perfecting his cynical viewpoints on politics, society and anything else in need of being brought down a peg or two with exquisite contempt.

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