War-Town Times Episode 6: The Ugly Cost of Beautiful Plans

Alan Merrit

We begin winding down the first season of the War-Town Times, which began with LaRhonda Patrick’s ascension to the Mayor’s office in Warner Robins, Georgia. Also known as “War Town” by citizens and entities that observe it from outside. This season was rife with hilarity as cartoon character villains such as “Character” Kevin Lashley & Charlie Bibb-itty-bibb-bibb attempted to fight her efforts every step of the way. Though the shadow of the “Rootin’ Tootin” Randy Tom’s agenda loomed over city hall in regard to ICB, a hefty campaign donation machine, getting the contract to build a Vietnam Veteran’s State Memorial; we wrap up the season with Madam Mayor LaRhonda Patrick Thanos snap that plan with the creation of the Veteran’s Interest Board. Enjoy the road to the final episode!


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