Corporate Christianity I: The Roman’s Road to Perdition

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“It’s easy to enslave the world. You simply create a belief system with built in damnation for questioning it and a payoff perpetually out of reach.”

-The Gospel of Daniel-



There is a myriad of different variations of how someone got caught in the web of “Corporate Christianity” as the day is long. This is typically called a testimony, or story of how they came to convert by acceptance of Jesus Christ™ as their personal lord and savior. While this supplies the illusion of a savior figure that adapts itself to meet his prey where they are; an honest examination of these conversion testimonies are merely variations of the same theme; outer edges of the marketing funnel which all lead to the same singularity. No matter the testimony of the victim within “Corporate Christianity”, all roads, like the old Roman empire, led them to one place; the question of “What must I do to be saved?” That is the question that the marketing team of “Corporate Christianity” nudge all their prospects towards from the moment they see them as a lead. Of course, you can only create leads by knowing who is in the market to begin with.


Those in the market for spiritual answers are usually always Individuals who have had life as they know it upturned in some distressing way. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but truth be told, we rarely seek when we believe we have it all figured out. It takes a tsunami of what we once knew, either mentally, emotionally, physically, and of course spiritually before we come to the Truth that we indeed didn’t have as much figured out as we once thought. When life as you know it is turned upside down, retracting into a vulnerable head space and heart space is only natural with all the negative emotions that come with that retraction. These are the Individuals the marketing team for “Corporate Christianity” identify as leads, ripe for guidance into their sales funnel with the product of “salvation”. The structure of this sales funnel is often called by the marketing team, “The Roman’s Road to Salvation”, and when you understand that any diversity of testimonies among victims of “Corporate Christianity” are merely the conditions which lead them to the same road, you are better able to see the gossamer of the web that caught them. To illustrate how the Roman’s Road to Perdition Technique© works, join me in a drama of the mind which reveals how it often plays out.


A lead is brought to a gathering of “Corporate Christianity” by one or more of its marketing team, or by chance finds their way to a service through marketing materials they stumbled across on their own. Once there, a lead typically will be exposed to a pep rally of sorts via live music, clapping, shouting etc. etc. which all ultimately serve to trigger emotional reactions rather than any appeal to logic or reason. The theme of these emotional concerts of instruments and people all, in some way or another, direct the lead (who for all intents and purposes is under a state of hypnosis without full knowledge and consent) to a focal point. The focal point is the company mascot, Jesus Christ™. The lead is unaware that they are being given scores of hypnotic suggestions during this part of the Romans Road to Perdition Technique© which will all begin to play a vital role on the back end of the sales pitch when an altar call or point of decision is presented, but more on that later.


After the musical pep rally for Jesus Christ™ has stirred an adequate amount of emotionalism in the current marketing team and other victims of “Corporate Christianity” present, there is usually a talk from one, sometimes more, within the machine all giving variations on the same theme. They were living one way at some point in life. They were presented with the same sales pitch the lead in question is being presented with now regarding Jesus Christ™, usually when things were not all sunshine & roses in their previous series of decision-making skills for life, also like the lead in question currently. The speaker or speakers then proceed to reaffirm the hypnotic suggestions from earlier with personal attestations that upon hearing the same sales pitch they decided to begin living their life for the company mascot, Jesus Christ™ and since that time their lives are well…different. Now might be a good time to mention that conversions to any faith or new belief system have similar results & many also promote the idea that the resulting behavior modifications are exclusive to their systems also.


After the speaker(s) conclude the extended sales pitch, there is usually more hypnotic suggestions via music; though in many “Corporate Christianity” facilities the latter performances are softer in nature so the “Closer” or preacher can fully iterate the Romans Road to Perdition Technique©. This is done from what they call the pulpit, as well as with one-on-one sessions with more experienced members of the marketing team, trained by “Corporate Christianity”. It goes something like this:


Closer: Can I take a few moments to share with you the good news of salvation from god’s holy word?

Lead: Sure.

Closer: –opens the bible near the end, in the book of Romans preventing any context whatsoever- It says right here in god’s holy word, As it is written, ‘There is none righteous, no, not one.‘” (Romans 3:10, KJV).  What that means is that no matter how moral or good human beings try to live, they ultimately aren’t as super awesome as the god of the bible. Nope, not even close to being righteously awesome, wholesome & pure as god!

Lead: Umm, okay…I guess so…

Closer: In fact, the word of god also says (skips several other lines in the text, furthering the muddying of contextual waters) “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23, KJV). What that means is that every human being who has ever lived has committed sin. Have you ever committed a sin?

Lead: Well, I guess I would need a definition of the word “sin” to honestly be able to say…

Closer: Yeah, stop right there because as a matter of fact I have a definition for this archaic word already provided for you that you will never check later but believe for right now! You see, somewhere else in god’s holy word, ya know, much earlier in the contents of this book which we won’t go to for context; there was a list of rules called the ten commandments. Have you ever heard of the ten commandments?

Lead: I mean, sure. Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t poke your best mate’s girl. Those?

Closer: Right! Well, you see, you named a few of those ten commandments and if you have violated even the smallest of them, that makes you a sinner. Have you ever told a lie, or stolen something in your entire life?

Lead: I mean, when I was five years old, I took a chocolate football from the kwikie mart without paying, but that was before I had a conception of economics or private property or anything so…

Closer: Yeah, see that was a sin. Even one teeny-weeny sin makes you a sinner because the god of the bible is so super-duper awesome that even a slight deviation from his awesomeness, like putting a little chocolate football in your five-year-old osk-begoshin pockets is enough to become infuriated over.

Lead: Wow, seems a bit extreme but I can’t deny I did shove that chocolate football in my pocket!

Closer: Yup, you sure did. And I have some bad news (they then flip several pages, again distancing anyone involved with context) because god’s holy word also says, “For the wages of sin is death;…” (at this point the Closer will expound upon the first half of the verse before continuing). So, do you understand that wages are something you earn as a result of something you did, and right here in god’s holy word it says the wages of that one teeny-weeny sin you performed is death?

Lead: Well, I mean isn’t death kinda inevitable anyway?

Closer: Well you see, sure,… but believe me now and never look it up later, in this passage death is actually talking about another kind of death. What its saying is the wage of sin is a second, spiritual death in a hell. You see, the god of the bible is so awesomely pure, all knowing and omni-present…which means everywhere all at once…that he created a place which is also within everywhere, called hell. And in that hell, sinners are cast into burning, unquenchable, torturous flames forever and ever and ever where they are separated from god, who again…is everywhere all the time which would seem to indicate that separation from god is impossible to begin with but hey…just have faith that somehow in god’s awesomeness he pulled off this cosmic contradiction! I mean if anyone can, it’s the god of the bible!

Lead: Wow, hell sounds horrible. And if what you are telling me is accurate, that means that according to how you are presenting the message of the bible, my chocolate football incident at five years old has me booked for an eternal romper room in this hell. That’s terrifying! I mean, I came here because life wasn’t going so well to begin with & I was looking for some answers, perhaps a path to peace in my life. Now things just got a lot worse, and I am in a completely emotional state which is much worse than when I walked in the door!

Closer: I know! It’s frightening stuff, right?! To make your situation even worse, you don’t know when you might die either. You could have a heart attack in a moment or two. You might very well die in a car crash on the way home tonight. You could be shot in the face at the next kwikie mart you stop at. You could literally be standing in front of the god of the bible to be eternally judged any moment…maybe even before I finish this sentence! By your own admission, the super-duper righteous god of the bible would have no choice but to find you guilty of breaking his perfect law once given to an alleged wandering tribe somewhere in the middle east thousands of years ago! After all, a perfect omni everything god would logically base his decision making protocol like human court systems today and as you said, you have broken the god of the Bible’s law.

Lead: Now I am really in fight or flight mode and unable to think clearly since, according to how you are presenting the message of the Bible, I am indeed a worthless, no good, terrible, horrible person that is going to be cast into a fiery pit and tortured forever and ever!

Closer: Indeed. Because the god of the Bible is super awesome and super just!

Lead: Yikes! Is there anything that can be done about this dilemma I was completely unaware existed prior to coming here and listening to you present this interpretation of the Bible?

Closer: Well, I am glad you asked without any pre-hypnotic suggestions from the service. As a matter of fact, there is something that can be done to remedy this dilemma you never would have known existed had you not heard this interpretation of the Bible! You can get saved!

Lead: Saved? That sounds like something I really, really need to have done because this hell you have presented by your interpretation of the Bible seems like a very poor and exclusive alternative that I don’t want! What must I do to be saved?!

Closer: (at this point the Closer isn’t even trying to go through text in a sensical way and flips back several pages in the book of Romans) Right here it says, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8, KJV). You see, because the god of the bible is super duper omniscient, he already knew that the rules he allegedly gave to a wandering tribe thousands of years ago was going to be pointless & no human being could ever keep those rules anyway! So, thousands of years after he gave those rules, he decided to incarnate as Jesus Christ™ and as Jesus Christ™ he willingly offered himself up to himself as a human, ritualistic, blood sacrifice! Isn’t that wonderful and benevolent of the super-duper civilized god of the Bible?

Lead: …wait,…what?

Closer: Oh yes! You heard correct. Jesus Christ™ loves you so much that thousands of years ago he allowed himself to be butchered and nailed to a cross to save you from the sin of stealing that chocolate football from the kwikie mart when you were five!

Lead: …so, the god of the Bible was cool with this?

Closer: Of course! After all, it was his idea! One, big, master plan!

Lead: The god of the Bible needs human, blood sacrifices? Just out of curiosity, why?

Closer: Because he is super-duper just! Super-duper awesome! Super-duper loving & probably couldn’t come up with any other plan that didn’t include torturous death of some sort. Look, I know it seems a little bit morbid, but the god of the Bible’s ways are not our ways, and we are discouraged by our interpretation of the Bible from leaning on our paltry human understanding about this sort of stuff. Point is, you stole a chocolate football from a kwickie mart. That makes you a sinner. Because you are a sinner a just god cannot allow you into his perfect heaven but must by his very nature send you to a tormenting hell. However, because Jesus Christ™ became a human, blood sacrifice thousands of years ago, you can be saved!

Lead: Right! Threat and duress of eternal damnation…clock ticking…must act quickly. How do I utilize this divinely confusing loophole?

Closer: Glad you asked! (The Closer then flips through more pages out of order and context) Says right here “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13, KJV) & while we apparently just flip to random passages in matters of eternity as serious as your eternal soul let’s look at this one which says “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” (Romans 10:9 KJV). So, you see, all you must do now is repeat after me in a prayer I will lead you in…

Lead: Like a magick spell you are going to say over me, and then I reaffirm that magick spell out loud into my subconscious mind afterward?

Closer: Oh no, of course not! Speaking magick spells is evil and satanic! This is absolutely nothing like chanting a magick spell at all! Now, just repeat after me…


Again, while “Corporate Christianity” will look down upon the way I present their pathway to salvation via Jesus Christ™, it cannot deny the accuracy of the method. And what is the method, simplified? The same method every entity which seeks power and control over the sovereignty of the Individual, be it church or state. The Hegelian Dialectic, or as the hard core, one world government, one world religion, conspiracy leaning “Corporate Christians” know full well to be the mind trap of problem, reaction, solution. Present or generate a problem which in turn triggers an emotional reaction from the target allowing you to present the solution you wanted them to accept from the beginning. It is and has always been one of the most effective tools of tyrants and manipulators. This method works the same regardless of culture, location or time and has never been more ruthless than when utilized in the Roman’s Road to Perdition Technique©.


The machine of “Corporate Christianity”, like the spider architect, needs sustenance to perpetuate itself and finds more than enough in souls already wrought with pain, suffering and confusion from simply existing in this world, that stumble into it’s web. They are presented with this “problem” they never would have been privy to prior, which is most cataclysmic to their minds and spirits. The “problem” is that by having the audacity to be born, you have violated the rules of an omniscient deity that now, according to his own nature; must cast you and everyone else into eternal torment where the suffering you are in now can’t even compare to whats-a-coming. The “reaction” is fear, horror, terror which shunts you into fight/flight, faint/faun responses because you certainly know what it means to suffer already. The suffering to come, presented by the marketing team of “Corporate Christianity” with the further stress of its ticking clock pushing you to decide is a psychological flood designed to limit your perceptions in chance of survival to whatever the closest form of salvation is. Then comes the” solution” in Jesus Christ™ with a mystical prayer and large stretch-of-the -imagination belief that some how or another; any of the story you were just presented, with little to no context, makes any kind of rational, logical sense whatsoever. But due to the emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual hurricane whirling inside of you…you simply must grab onto it!


Problem. Reaction. Solution. That’s how it works. That’s how it always works with predator and its prey. Of course, once that Black Widow has gotten close enough to inject its venom into the veins of its struggling prey, the numbness takes over and like the good Doctor says; the victim simply slips into a warm bath. In that bath will be the swift and methodical dissolution of almost all scraps of Individuality the mantis ever held dear. But hey, “Corporate Christianity” presents a “personal relationship” with its deity and what better way is there to start off a healthy relationship than through fear, guilt, threat, and submission?

to be continued…


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