Corporate Christianity II: This Bitch Be Cray

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“A one-sided relationship is not intimate, it is dominant.”
-The Gospel of Daniel


The word, Love, gets thrown around a lot in “Corporate Christianity” circles. Like, a whole lot. With any corporate entity, wanting to associate its brand, mascot & product with an immediate, emotional stimulus is a must for marketing! No different from other companies, “Corporate Christianity” wants to fuse the neuro connections you make in your noggin’ to hardwired desires that we all, for the most part, have and want. Like Love. Who doesn’t want Love, right? To see and be seen. To know and be known. It’s an idea of differing levels of intimacy within our interpersonal relationships that most healthy people want within them. Generally, healthy people want relationships that are supportive, caring, kind, playful, laughter filled, inspiring, meaningful spiritually and mutually beneficial for everyone’s dreams, hopes & aspirations involved. By default, healthy people, to their own detriment often, presume that this goal of Love within relationships is shared with all others who come into their sphere under its guise. Unfortunately, those of us who have been around the block a time or two know that this simply isn’t always the case. Anyone who has been through the war zone of a toxic relationship, come out on the other side and appropriately healed from the scars can assure you of the absolute importance of understanding that not all relationships that come under the banner of Love are to be let into the city gates without intense examination and scrutinization.

Corporate Christianity” spares no expense attempting to monopolize the commodity of Love, insisting that indeed its teachings and guidelines for thinking and living are the proper and correct perspective on this deep, desired, human pursuit. After an Individual is pulled into the initial reality-altering initiation of the Roman’s Road to Perdition Technique© which again is simply a customized version of “problem”, “reaction”, “solution” designed to shunt someone into emotional & guided decisions towards giving their lives over to Jesus Christ™; it’s time for the process hiding beneath the surface to begin. Like any process that has the goal of stripping an Individual of autonomy, you must make sure the hook is set in the beginning of the relationship which is fairly simple when the bait on the hook is the notion of Love. Love, Love, Love.

In the beginning, the new convert is overwhelmingly bombarded with love from the local chapter (or hive) of “Corporate Christianity”. It’s ALL about Love. How much the god of the Bible loves you so much that he sacrificed his “only” kid to magically make up for all your mistakes and character defects by getting butchered. A factoid you are certainly never to forget within the halls of “Corporate Christianity”, because the hub of the hive is literally centered around this idea, and you are constantly reminded of it. But this, you are told, is the very embodiment of Love. What greater Love is this, than for a man to lay down his life, for his friends? And its all well & good, because after all if you did succumb to the Roman’s Road to Perdition Technique© as effective as desired, you’re still giddy from all the excitement of not having to burn in hell via “getting saved”. The high of this “salvation” experience still stirring dopamine & other goody chemicals in the brain, hardwires, in the beginning, associations of the entire set of dogma’s, doctrines & beliefs that will come later, to that of the word “Love”. The songs are about it. The sermons are about it. The books in the “Corporate Christian” bookstore have it slathered over many a cover. And while the object, subject, provider, and creator of this “Lovefest” remains a bit nebulous in any type of certain clarity, the point & image of worship is always the outside ikon of Jesus Christ™.

While there is no doubt that “worship” can be explained or defined in a multitude of ways, I think from my experience the process of “worship” required from the god of “Corporate Christianity” is simply energy. I believe when you scrape away all the dross of what any religion or institution that offers prefabricated belief structures wants, its essentially the energy or life force of their victims. One doesn’t have to think of this in any mystical, woo-woo, kind of way to understand it. Rather think simply in terms of your time, attention, emotion, imagination, and action all as individuated grains of sand in an hourglass. When your life begins, the hourglass is turned, and the first few grains of these sands begin their natural spiral downward. A human life only has so many grains of sand before the story of that life is told and at some point, a Great Author, somewhere, writes “the end” with a nice little summary on the back of the book to encapsulate what the story all those cumulative grains of sand told. In that sense, everyone worships. Albeit in infinitely diverse ways. The design of targeting a person’s energetic worship towards the mascot of Jesus Christ™, as presented by “Corporate Christianity” is usually achieved very effectively in the early “Lovefest” stage as it often causes an addiction to the institution itself. The institution itself also claiming a monopoly on the actual teachings and proper perspective that should be held of Jesus Christ™.

While the early euphoria still has the victims of “Corporate Christianity” intoxicated they are unable or unwilling to take note of the red flags in this new “personal relationship”. During this time a victim is immersed deeper and deeper into the paradigms and worldviews they are to hold and operate from as a “Corporate Christian”. They are given terms which distinguish them and others within “Corporate Christianity” from the rest of the world such as the church, the body of Christ, the chosen, the saved and those outside of this relationship are tacked with less desirable titles. The lost, the sinners, the heathens and in the more fundamentalist circles the notion of all those outside the institution being demonically possessed and controlled is also not beyond the scope of isolating the victims of “Corporate Christianity” from others who may be resistant to accepting the same message of salvation and “Love”. The clear lines of distinction between the believer and the non-believer are drawn each church service they attend which often results in the victim isolating themselves from former friends, family members, co workers and anyone else who hasn’t “gotten saved”. This happens soon after the “Lovefest” phase if not in the height of it. While this process of isolation can be painful and destroys lifelong relationships between the victim and the people they once affiliated with, they are constantly told that this is a normal process for those who follow Jesus Christ™ because their interpretation of the Bible is that one must hate their mother, father, brother, sister, child, or spouse in comparison to the Love & obedience owed to him. Essentially in this isolation phase where new constructs and terms for reality are supplied to the victim at a steady pace, the more nefarious phenomenon occurring is that the victim is being programmed to view anyone and anything outside of “Corporate Christianity” as a threat. After the victim has effectively cut ties with anyone not reinforcing their new worldview and has allowed themselves to be completely enveloped by the world building of “Corporate Christianity” comes the phase I call “Vapor Investment”.

Vapor Investment” simply put is when one pins the cumulation of their being on a person, thing, place, or event that has no tangible or rational evidence to ever arrive, exist or happen. In “Corporate Christianity” this process is done through assuring the victim that there are numerous prophecies scribbled in the Bible that have proven to have occurred in the past & therefore all prophecies regarding the future are also certain to occur. While I could spend volumes discussing the highly suspect usage of prophecy within the institution of “Corporate Christianity” I will restrain myself, as I do see it as one of the tightest bits held in the mouths of its victims. However, what I think is best to focus on currently is the specific usage of prophecy, or promises of a future to come, that keep victims so focused on them that all their hopes and dreams of what life could be are now secondary or nonexistent. “Vapor Investment” via promises of prophetic events is where I find much of the tragedy in examining “Corporate Christianity” as what it does is nullify the potential in the present for those that have put their chips on it. It stops ambition to realize Individual dreams, hopes, desires, achievements, and goals a person developed on their own from first breath because if the end of the world, the rapture or the apocalypse is constantly imminent; why move to realize these things at all? Why divert any of your “worship” or life force towards personal goals when the belief that Jesus Christ™ is liable to pop up any moment to establish his kingdom, which oh, by the way also won’t be getting any input from you either? The person still being stripped of their uniqueness and Individuality are encouraged to “store up treasure in heaven” by remaining a pauper of Spirit in the present. However, the only thing accurately predictable about the future is that it never actually comes.

To the victim of “Corporate Christianity” the idea of a “personal relationship” with the god of the Bible is so associated with the idea of Love, that they fail to see how cosmically one sided the relationship being offered truly is. A one-sided relationship is the very antithesis of Love by nature. Such is the drive for human beings to feel Love; to see and be seen, to know & be known, that we jump headfirst into the prospect of experiencing it without critically evaluating if the “personal relationship” we are committing to is even the genuine article. How much more this reaction is when the one offering the “personal relationship” and the terms upon which it is conducted also happens to be the alleged supreme deity, creator, and sustainer of all existence! Putting out of our mind, for the moment, that even getting to the place of committing to the god of the Bible required threat of eternal suffering if we didn’t, the description of how this relationship is supposed to be is very apparent from the marketing team of “Corporate Christianity”. What does this “personal relationship” ideally look like for the best of “Corporate Christians”? Well, the god of the Bible is always right and if you disagree you are wrong. The god of the Bible never makes mistakes & if you suspect one you are too small minded to understand his motives. The god of the Bible is to constantly be praised, glorified, or worshipped and you are never to receive any such things. The god of the Bible monitors you all the time in thought, word & deed ever ready to punish you without concern for your privacy. The god of the Bible requires your constant communication to him, while only disseminating to you what he wishes through spokespeople within “Corporate Christianity” and only when he gets around to it. The god of the Bible manipulates everything and everyone to his own desires, including you, and scoffs at any plans made or desires had by anyone, also including you. These are just a few of the parameters of this “personal relationship” which all serve in one direction. And it aint your direction. While more draconian parameters could be listed, even these few are glaring enough for a rational person to understand these standards aren’t a relationship at all. Rather domination of an Individual’s will & essence.

Who under such conditions would convince themselves that a “personal relationship” like this is healthy or loving at all? The answer is someone whose self-worth, self-esteem, and self-perception has been mangled to reflect what “Corporate Christianity” calls a sinner saved by grace. Even in the slogan it is intimated that you, the filthy sinner, don’t even really deserve “salvation” anyway without the grace of this god. How many times I have heard from “Corporate Christians” and members of the marketing team spout things like “If you got what you deserved, you would be in hell with a broken back” or “You’re just a sinner saved by grace whose righteousness is as filthy rags” as just two examples of the many ways relayed by “Corporate Christianity” to it’s victims that the value of your Individual soul is simply zero, detached from your obedience to the god they present. What this has done in the minds of victims is set up an internal and constant reminder of devaluation. The believer has been convinced that outside of this “personal relationship” there is nothing healthier or better for them because they themselves repeat in their hearts and minds each day mantras of being worthless, screw ups who couldn’t do anything right or noble on their own anyway. They tell themselves over and over that god is good, because they are by nature evil yet…god loves them and without this love…what else is there? At the point in a victim’s journey where the indoctrination of zero value intrinsically of their own is accepted as a “fact” there is usually little reason to expect them to find their way out of this toxic “personal relationship” or system of beliefs presented by “Corporate Christianity”. From the moment they are injected with it, every sermon or function they attend afterwards is simply reinforcement of their imperfections and zero value, no matter how cheerful the clapping and shouting around them may be.

At this point, some experiencing my words on the phases & stages of the “personal relationship” offered by “Corporate Christianity” are finding them to be eerily like another set of phases & stages among interpersonal relationships. Those being the tried, true and predictable strategies employed by the species known as narcissists upon their prey. I assure you that upon sitting down at the keyboard, it was not done by design in forethought, rather as I saw it for myself upon the glowing screen the glaring obviousness of the same method became apparent to me in form and function. The irony is that you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would claim that being in a “personal relationship” with a narcissist is anything but toxic, destructive & deadly; yet when the same strategies, perceptions and psychological molestation is employed by “Corporate Christianity” well…that’s just faith.

To be continued…



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