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A Reading of “NPC?…Yeah You Know Me!”


NPC’s, also known as Non-Player Characters, are a nasty little bunch. Perhaps they are useful while playing a video game by pointing you in the direction of a quest or side quest after you hit the X button, but you know that after tapping that button enough; their soulless scripted words will eventually just repeat. Even if, up until that point, you were immersed in the illusion that the village idiot, or traveler on the simulated path might have had a spark of life within them, once the script loops back around to where it started you accept the fact that the photons pretending to be a real person are nothing more than the honey trap of the NPC. They are just another elaborate trick from the almighty designer of the game to keep you running around in search of other photons pretending to be people, places or things. There really isn’t anything tangible at the end of the quests or side quests you go on as a result of interacting with them, regardless of how nifty that level 99 meat cleaver may appear in your avatar’s hand. The fact of the matter is, no matter how likable, loveable or loathable an NPC you encounter may be; they are a fraud of the mind and in no way to be actually considered sentient, alive or human. Thankfully since our civilization has been graced with the allegorical work of the Wachowski’s, and we were clever enough to make it literal to the point of said work becoming a religion, the blueprint of video game NPC’s can now be applied to “people” that really give us the willies in the “real world”.


For those of us that are, as the kiddies say,…”woke” or for lack of sillier words like “ascended” and “free from the 3D, video game matrix that is ran by a shadowy cabal of people in the public eye we all know, yet seemingly and collectively don’t feel the need to go to their homes and put a stop to all this nonsense already”, the issue of NPC’s is a very serious one. Fortunately, we have beacons of light rising up to guide us through the perils of interacting with the Non-Player Characters of our lives within our Meta-munity. These Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 (S-G.A.M for short) have proven to us that they are receiving Gnosis from the Uber-verse fit for mass, public consumption complete with its own lexicon of insider words and phrases by communicating live stream messages from basements and bedrooms they have converted into “studios” that are on par with the sets of Romulan War Birds from the good ole days of Star-Trek: TNG! The revelations being given to us by the Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 in regard to the nature, purpose and final solution of those discovered to be NPC’s are not to be dismissed by those of us on the single file path of the Meta-munity as a whole. The matter of NPC’s must be addressed before those of us jacked into the collective consciousness/hive mind of the Meta-munity can ultimately evolve or ascend to some intangible utopia (that is nothing like the Judeo-Christian afterlife) and enjoy existence without a pesky frame of reference; otherwise known as an ego. The Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 have put their heads together to develop a roadmap for all of us in the Meta-munity to follow in ridding ourselves of those discovered to be nasty little NPC’s.


The first step is to make a clear distinction between us and them. This makes the classification of NPC’s easier so that we can clearly determine if a person in our life is worth considering sentient or conscious at all. We, the Meta-munity, are actually awake and in touch with base reality having escaped this 3D Atari Simulation but for some reason or another we still exist here. It is quite obvious that our consciousness is evolved and enlightened due to our ability to completely agree with one another and the information we receive from the videos, livestreams, twits and social media posts of the Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 when they inform us as to what is going on in the Uber-verse. When there is an energy blast, an invisible and completely non-imaginary event transpiring in the unseen, or an action performed by spirit guides, archangels, clockwork gnomes or allegorical but literal gods or goddesses; it simply resonates with us. This resonance within the Meta-munity may resemble George Orwell’s notion of “group think” but we all know that prayer beads, crystals, channeling and other spiritual concepts aren’t mentioned in 1984 at all, so it’s nothing like “group think” in the slightest. Due to our evolved consciousness, we understand that questioning or asking for proof when it comes to spiritual or metaphysical topics is just counterproductive silliness. The information we receive from the Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 is all over the internet and that is all the proof we need!


Having a better understanding of “us” we can now classify “them”, the NPC’s making a mess of our existence. A sure-fire indicator of an NPC is that they will disagree with us and the things we collectively believe. The trickier, stealthier NPC’s are able to engage us in conversation, simulating an effort to understand what we are saying by asking questions we can’t answer within reasonable and not so nutty parameters. The inability to answer rational and logical questions posed by the NPC creates within us the energy of frustration, anger and insecurity and it is this very energy those nasty NPC’s feed on to perpetuate this 3D Atari Simulation we have been trapped in! Lower level NPCs may not engage in conversation but ultimately reveal themselves by simply frustrating us or presenting any type of resistance in our day to day lives. This can manifest as mere personality clashes, disagreements, contentions due to differing points of view or choice in lifestyles but make no mistake; while interacting with people that cause us distress may seem like something that just happens in life; our discomfort with them is indeed evidence that they are in fact a Non-Player Character nefariously designed to carry out their programming without regard to how we real people feel as a result.


Logically, what is being so eloquently explained to the wokeness of the Meta-munity by the Super-Guru Ascended Masters, is that this 3-D Atari simulation might not be such a bad place after all if the NPC problem is properly addressed. For us, this is not a problem you can turn a blind eye to-one to be solved by small concessions.  For us, it is a problem of whether our Uber-Verse can ever recover its health, whether the NPC spirit can ever really be eradicated.  Don’t be misled into thinking you can fight a disease without killing the carrier, without destroying the bacillus.  Don’t think you can fight metaphysical tuberculosis without taking care to rid the Uber-Verse of the carrier of that metaphysical tuberculosis.  This NPC contamination will not subside, this poisoning of the Uber-Verse will not end, until the carrier himself, the NPC, has been banished from our midst.


Obviously, it wouldn’t be prudent for all of us with superior consciousness and super-duper evolved DNA acquired from an app that has the word Lemuria in it to begin assembling for the sole purpose of eradicating the lifeless, pretender NPC’s in our sandbox of the Uber-Verse. I mean, even though we know that those we apply the symbolization of non-living lingo onto aren’t truly alive; putting two in the back of their brainstem with a Ruger would still, at this time, be rather shocking. Putting a bullet in their skulls would result in very convincing blood and brain matter flying everywhere. Marching them into deletion chambers where deadly, poisonous gasses are pumped would trigger their programming to pretend to writhe in agony laced with fear and desperation as they scratch at the walls with their fake, lifeless, holographic fingers. Then there would be the cleanup of all those simulated carcasses left behind when…well, apparently no life leaves them…and from what I am told, the seemingly realistic looking dead corpses of NPC’s stink just as much as real corpses when burned. So clearly following the line of thinking our brains are being cleansed with by our Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237 to its logical conclusions isn’t prudent. No, acceptance of the really spiritual and enlightened view point that a “person” can be reduced to something less than human with the application of three letters after they really put a stick in our craw hasn’t hit a critical mass yet for us to fix this matrix and braid all of the timelines of the Uber-verse in a tidy order yet. However if all we humble, meek yet spiritually and metaphysically superior in every way members of the Meta-munity continue to smash like buttons and share videos and twits from the absolute gang-bangish, circle jerky, orgy room of the absolute Frankenstein monster we have completely not made up in our own heads about the unseen continues to spread; we are hopeful that the idea of single handedly adjudicating the humanity of the NPC’s away will hit a critical mass.


In the meantime it is suggested that all of us in the Meta-munity continue to systematically remove NPC’s posing as real people from our day to day lives and if communication is absolutely unavoidable, its best to just look down our noses at those who disagree with us or cause us discomfort with their resistance to our collective/hive mind doctrines. For safe measure we are also encouraged to cease interacting with anyone connected to said NPC’s through any degree of separation just in case. After all, who needs relationships in the physical world when the Shangri-La of our Meta-munity can only be learned about and attained via laptop, tablet and smart phone screens where dopamine is currency and there is no possibility of just anyone with a wi-fi connection ever no not never starting a cult.


special thanks to the work of Gregory Stanton for providing a blueprint for our Super-Guru Ascended Masters of the 3D Atari Simulation known as Earth 237



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