The Black Friday of the Soul

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It was said once “I cannot show you how to become Enlightened. I can only show you how I became Enlightened.” Feel free to replace the word “Enlightened” with its numerous equivalents such as salvation, ascension, evolution or what have you, but understand that you are still talking about the same thing. Regardless of which spiritual school you think is all the rage on the west coast at the moment. You know what it is. The dopamine trophy at the end of repeating the pattern somebody else made ahead of you. The religion or trending “spiritual, not religious” flavor of the month you’ve tried to get in on the ground level with, in order to ride some dopamine wave to the top tier of its ranks. Whichever word you choose to use for the alleged light at the end of whichever tunnel of faith you crawl through matters little. The fact that matters most is that the attainment of any of these is fruitless, if in the process of seeking your boon, you lose your very soul. And that is very easy to do in our digital age, our “Black Friday of the Soul” where almost everyone incarnate on planet Earth is offering theirs up at rock bottom prices!


People pretend to not be religious by joining micro-religions they find on a feed, but its essentially the same thing is it not? Hearing the experience of another, or the interpretation of another’s experience with its unique catch phrases, terminology or nuances simply repeated by the pretender. Then perhaps through a form of psychosomatic self-hypnosis, they begin to make themselves believe that the version of reality they sold their souls to, is actually the way things are not only for themselves, but everyone else too! Unfortunately for them, it isn’t. Which is why those who do this type of buffoonery end up as the crazy cat lady down the road who talks to herself in a broken vanity mirror while wearing a hazmat suit to take out the trash; still waiting on the third portal of the super moon doorway thing-a-ma-bob with its “intense energy blasts” to open up and drop a husband in their lap after having had their back blown out at truck stops down I-75 until they finally hit the wall 60 years back and started tossing tarot cards in the air to decide whether or not they should take their medication that day. Non-religious pretenders of micro-religions also become “Karens”.


We join in the filthy glory hole room of Eternity if we slide through our human experience on the coattails of somebody else’s take on things, having forfeited the Soul, or the Imagination for a prefabricated set of beliefs that might as well have come from Cosco or Ikea. This is the fate for those who have succumbed to the Black Friday of the Soul. Those who lacked the will to water the seed of the Soul with Imagination, but offset the responsibility for their own, unique Individuation to something or someone else. If one were so inclined to actually read between the lines of any mythical, literary, or historical Messiah figure or Avatar they would get that the general gest of what they were all saying was to stop bothering them with your paltry mimicry and be original. Then and only then you might get somewhere to the level that beings like Buddha, Christ, Mithra, or Hermes were hanging out in. But without the ability to think for one’s self or outside structured norms, the minotaur of the maze will forever be at your back. Hunting you down. Stalking you. Waiting for its moment to trample you beneath them in your willingness to enter into the Black Friday of the Soul. The clearance event of Eternity for the husk of those damned.


I mean, perhaps reincarnation is a thing you can bank on. Perhaps not. One thing is for sure though, if whatever you are doing in your path to Enlightenment or Salvation isn’t bringing you bliss, health, overwhelming passion, desire, companionship, and general hipness in life, you might be doing it wrong. Either that or God doesn’t care much for your contribution to Its ongoing gig. You choose. That’s not just my suggestion, it also happens to be the entire point of Romans, chapter 14. Which is, make up your own mind! And if you can’t the Bible pokes you in the face to let you know that you are weak in the same chapter. Essentially it is best to take anyone’s version or journey to some sublime Eternity with perhaps differing verbiage, but similar intent in meaning as little more than fairy tales. Perhaps they happened to someone else or entered into the experience of another, but that has little to do with you other than to serve as some mechanism of learning. To join in on a story of life you are not writing, is to become a lifeless piece of merchandise grabbed up in the Black Friday of the Soul.


This is not to say that it is wise to completely shun the experiences of others, or the teachings of religions, both vast and micro within our smart devices. No one is recommending we shut our minds to comprehend the waves of new ideas popping up from unique points of view. No, rather what is being suggested here is an age-old adage; be open minded but not so much that your brains fall out. Which for a great amount of people, this is a foregone conclusion, as most homo-sapiens senses are all attentive to the lives of others in the palms of their hands. Hitting refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh every ten seconds to be told what to believe and how many others do too! Indicated by thumbs up buttons or rent a subscriber number at the top of the channel. Of course there are some great gems of ideas to be found in the internetz from authentic and genuine seekers of Samadhi, but for the most part the more things change, the more they stay the same. And if there is anything Christ Yeshua warned us about it was most certainly to be very watchful for wolves in sheep’s clothing. Con-artist content creators that have exclusive insight, accolades, or accomplishments in this woo-woo thing or that woo-woo thing. Yawn.


It’s simple really. A chick I used to hang out with in a cave used to always say, “Gnothi Seauton”. Know Thyself. For if you Know Thyself, you will Know the Worlds & their Gods. In order to Know Thyself, you must be willing to forsake the perception of you from all others. In the age of needing to be validated by the reflection of the Black Mirrors that have become new gods, this is not so easy a task. Nor will the many, but only the few, even get close to acquiring their own personal boon in this Maya of Life. Achieving that rest, peace & contentment that is expected in pursuits of a spiritual nature executed properly and authentically. No, the Black Friday of the Soul will gobble up those who could not or would not come to truly Know themselves but stuck their thumb in the air to see & believe what new crockery was channeled by an avian blue bird from the galactic federation or what the meaning of life is from the outcome of a “All in the Family” Oracle Card spread with Archie turned upright from Edith & Meathead fallen onto the floor. What does it Mean??!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!! See how stupid that makes you sound when its not coming from your own head?


The Black Friday of the Soul is the sell out of Imagination. It is the forsaking of one’s own accountability in their existence to figure this out for themselves and in so doing, try not to be a douche to anyone else if you can manage it. It’s being phony to the actual state of what you are, for the pathetic perception of others that is amendable to how you wish to be perceived; but truly are not. Sadly, but probably not, that is the route most go these days in matters of attempted spiritual hijacking; hiding from themselves by building fragile walls of everyone else’s beliefs or ideas but most certainly none of their own.



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