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Daniel Louis Crumpton is a philosopher, political activist, and researcher of spirituality and comparative religions. He has compiled his research into the novel “Then Came the Flood” (on sale now at, AMAZON.COM, BARNESANDNOBLE.COM , WESTBOWPRESS.COM, BOOKSAMILLION.COM and ZENINTHECAR.COM), which offers an alternate and daring perspective to the events transcribed in the book of Genesis. Daniel is also an editor and frequent contributor to the political/spiritual/news website ZENINTHECAR.COM as well as the producer of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. which covers topics ranging from political activism to enlightenment.
Daniel does not identify with any particular faith, however describes himself as a Sophian-Helio-Gnostic. He uses his experience and knowledge of the metaphysical as well as the occult to guide others to their individual understanding of enlightenment so they might be free from the bondage of Plato's cave. His message of wisdom, compassion and balance is heard by many who wish to see free and tolerant societies where all are allowed to walk their unique path without fear of condemnation.



D.L. Crumpton

How to end this? Oh…people; we’re funny little machinations aren’t we? When at the behest of my brother to start a blog five years ago I had little clue in the beginning as to what such an undertaking would be founded upon. After yet another long drive to work, in deep meditation, it struck me like a bolt of enlightenment that the only thing I really had to offer readers would inevitably have to be the strange trains of thoughts I had while in the car. Seeing as how much of my time just so happened to be in a fiberglass cage on wheels and the only real place I was going was deeper into my own thoughts, it seemed to me that a treasure trove of writing material could be pulled from that well. With that epiphany and a few keystrokes later, ZENINTHECAR.COM was born. Where that particular car would take me, well that is an altogether different story.


So you started a website and published your thoughts ranging from the mundane to the profane. You hold your breath and hope that someone’s eyes will grasp your ramblings from religion to philosophy and the giant leap down to politics. You try to find some magical, mystical way to tie and bind them altogether so that those who can hear would suddenly realize that all of those things are interconnected. Perhaps shooting rubber-bands at the moon in hopes to make it wince would have been an easier endeavor; nevertheless you shake your fists at the heavens anyway and try, try, try. At the end of long and winding so called “blogs” you hit a button and cross your fingers as you try to spread your ideas and ideals through any method possible. You envision that maybe you can use the only true passion and talent the Gods have given you to start some sparks in the minds of men and women and sit back as you watch this mythical thing happen called…gasp…change.


Change? What is this? Why do you want it exactly? Well that is an easy one of course and the answer is because you see that the world you are living in is quite screwy and that doesn’t really sit too well with you seeing as how you are all enlightened and shit. You watch the masses around you fill their bodies with GMO foods and drinks, cocaininate their brains with tons and tons of bleached sugar and brush it off with sodium fluoride for that nice calcification of the third eye. You listen to small crowds cheer for their god that approved of the bombing of this country or that; not sparing the body parts of little brown babies to boot. Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor and don’t forget to nail their babies to the door. While wondering why the gods won’t fight their own goddamn wars, on occasion you are daft enough to ask and have to endure a nosebleed as the reply usually comes back around to some small strip of land in the Middle East that isn’t even big enough for any valid God to wipe its ass with. But for some reason or another, pulpits across your so called country spoon feed their flocks with this type of reasoning and back it with threats from the Almighty if they dare question it like the school yard bully of the Universe. You quickly see that the bleating sheep invariably carry this to their monthly republican meetings where they decide who is and is not worthy of being in the political process of your so called “free country”. You have to somehow reach into these machines with the swift and steel darts of your words. Perhaps aimlessly you use each article, each video attached, each link and every bit of verbal symbolism you have at your disposal in the effort to activate some activists within the machines and pray that you can dislodge some cogs that might just do something about the ills of the world or die trying.


othersTime goes by and little by little you see that you indeed are not alone in your endeavors and there are in fact others willing to jump into the fray. You are not so arrogant to think that you have been the catalyst for this thing that is unfolding, but you do certainly feel some pride in knowing that indeed you have played a small part. From time to time you have to smile as you hear activists mention something you proverbially scribbled with your keyboard under one alias or another for the purpose of covering your ass at the republican meetings. While by design you have deliberately separated your words from your face and your name by several degrees for the purpose of remaining effective as a delegate; secretly you want to jump out from behind the curtain and shout “It’s me! I’m the wizard!” …but then again that would be a little melodramatic now wouldn’t it. So you are content to let some imaginary characters you created take the credit for a scathing report you published regarding the failings of the political process as it unfolds. As some character from a movie once said “anonymity is like a warm blanket”.


teamzenWhen the election cycle is over and your side was once again snubbed you decide that it’s time to take a more aggressive approach and recruit others to your little Zenterprise as it treks beyond party affiliations and into outright guerilla activism. One by one they come, having been inspired the groundwork you have laid and then it’s off to the races! A YouTube channel opens up with a brand you created, you and your counterparts are soon regular guests on several radio shows across the internet spreading the idea of Freedom and Liberty and all that jazz followed by speaking events from one rally to another protest. The idea of bringing a team together to prove that people from all religions or faiths and political parties becomes a reality and more hear the call expressing a desire to suit up alongside you. Your vision expands to become a kind of Professor Xavier for others; taking them under your wing, teaching them the ropes and then sending them off to star in their own series. The attempt to create a hydra with so many heads aimed for change that change has ultimately become inevitable is a ball that is already rolling fast. You have every reason to be proud, you have every reason to be happy, you have every reason to feel that you are at the height of your life…but you don’t. In fact you feel as if this little car of zen that could has driven you straight off a cliff into utter despair and desolation with its message of Freedom and Liberty. And why? Because of what it has cost you on a personal level. Because of what you were willing to sacrifice of yourself under a belief that it would liberate others. Perhaps that part was true; but while being true you know that the mission certainly hasn’t liberated you of anything but your contentment and state of zen.



Then it occurs to you that you have finally gone and done it. You have finally gone back to sane and the way that you once looked at the world has now become your life. All those notions of flags and founders and crusades of brushfires in the minds of men had consumed you to such a point that it put you in the very position of those that first inspired you to start this little adventure to begin with. Those notions themselves had not driven you here and perhaps are even true; but at some point you had begun preaching them so loud for others to hear that you yourself forgot to live them out in your very own life and your very own life now resembled the end result of a mandala. Once carefully designed and beautiful having been so carefully built it now laid wasted before you in a blur of what it once was. Zen lost whilst in the car. Of course, that’s just what I was thinking today.


In all seriousness though I do think that those of us who set out on a path to save the world or change the world run a very serious risk of being consumed to a point where we might find ourselves losing our own personal worlds and maybe even for a while our very souls. It is indeed a noble notion to want to see change even more so to be active in bringing about that change. I believe we should all run that course for a while in fact. However now that I am five years older or perhaps five years wiser I believe that we should know when to pass the baton and gracefully step off the track and back to the smeared mandala of our lives. When we do go back to that once beautiful design and sit before it in contemplation we will most certainly weep at what the act of being a hero has cost us. We fully understand that to be a teacher to the masses ultimately leads us to the hill of the skull where all heroes must face the cross and death. This is the price we have to pay for being spiritual and political upstarts. But cheer up dear reader, it aint all doom and gloom. You see, what the mandala teaches us is that nothing is permanent. Nothing really ever lasts. Now we can bitch and moan about that. We can cry in our beer as we grasp at the colored sand before us wishing it to go back to the way it was…and for a while that might work. But the key is this; don’t do it for too long. When the monks destroy a mandala they instantly begin to plot out a new one and in a single instant they lay down the first colored piece of sand that over time will become one much more intricate and beautiful than the one before. That’s you, that’s me, that’s all of us. And that is what makes us the envy of the gods.


comixSo, how to end this? Oh…people; we’re funny little machinations aren’t we? Knowing this I could think of no other way to end five grand years of ZENINTHECAR.COM with the faith and hope that someone else behind us will pick up the crusade of changing the world and leave us to enjoy it not as we would have it but as it simply is. That being said, I thank everyone who has contributed to the site as well as supported it over the years from the bottom of my heart. It was one hell of a ride, bruises and all. That being said I’m sure you know what to expect from this particular voice on a figuratively regular basis…out of the car. Be well.


D.L. Crumpton




For me, it has only been in the past few months since I was perusing social media when I saw a post regarding this flat earth theory going around. Like most people, I kind of snickered and kept on scrolling until that little, certifiable voice in the back of my head said “Now wait just a second; you are supposed to be an objective observer pal. What harm would it do to hear them out?” Always one to listen to my certifiable voice, I took the time to click a few videos claiming to have proof that the Earth…she’s a flat! Now before I get too deep into this let me first lay out my position.

Matrix_Wiki_Seraph_Matrix (1)I am more in the David Icke School which leans that the world, no, existence itself is a holographic simulation that our consciousness chooses to enter into for the purpose of experiencing itself; a simulation or Matrix if you will. That being said, I can neither take the position of a globalist or that of a flat Earther because from my view the world will be whatever shape the collective consciousness wants it to be. For the past 500 years the collective consciousness has decided that the world was round and poof…she’s round. So if tomorrow the collective consciousness decides that the world is flat, well, then reality will bend to suit a flat earth. If I am correct in saying that reality is in fact a virtual reality in need of programming then the shape of the Earth is completely at the discretion of the programmers; for the most part that is all of us as a collective and I would go so far to say that even a few individuals of a certain level of consciousness. So the question isn’t if the Earth is round or flat; it’s what shape is it right now?

I will say that my entire life I have had to depend on what I was taught in public school and the information given out by NASA, Star-Trek and every other tid-bit of science fiction I can get my hands on. So obviously my understanding of the cosmos would have me conceive of the world as a globe, or near globe. I really had no reason to doubt that and have gone about my life with that little nugget of galactic goodness in my pocket. I joined the so called “Truth Movement” not too long after we were told that jet fuel could melt steel beams and quickly discovered that the Truth Movement was not limited to false flag terrorism rather including Truth in all different fields. That means that truth seekers want to know the skinny on everything from secret cabals in government, disclosure of extraterrestrial life, who killed Princess Diana and where the hell did Elvis go? So I suppose it was a matter of time before the shape of the Earth came back up. After all, we were lied to about everything else, why not the helio-centric model?


A lot of the evidence I have seen from flat Earthers is indeed compelling. I myself have seen countless hours of YouTube videos making the case for a disc shaped world beneath our feet but is that enough to convince me? Nope. But to be fair NASA can’t convince me it’s a globe, an egg or a pear either. As I have said before; the only way I will know is if I personally buy a rocket ship and see it for myself. I am a believer in first hand experiential knowledge and until my own eyes can behold the world from space I won’t take a position one way or another. However as a philosopher I will say that I think that the discussion is worth having and should be had with a sense of civility amongst those who may disagree. If one side begins calling the other side insane or heretical then we have left civility in the dust. After all, one of the contributors here at ZENINTHECAR.COM is a staunch flat Earther and I obviously am not. But as you all know, this site is structured around the notion that several points of view can come together and reason in peace. ZENINTHECAR.COM as a whole does not take the position of a flat earth model or a globe model but in the tradition of intellectual freedom, it does allow all sides to express themselves.


Unfortunately this has not been the case all throughout the Truth Movement and sadly shots of ridicule have been shot across lines. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Santos Bonacci of UNIVERSALTRUTHSCHOOL.COM; a teacher of astrotheology, syncretism, comparative religions and now the flat Earth theory. While making my objective position clear, I did want to allow Santos the opportunity to make the case for his beliefs for the benefit of my audience in hopes that they would simply make up their own mind. While I disagreed with some that he said I also agreed with much that he said but I simply don’t believe it is the place of us in the public eye or those of us behind the microphone to issue dogma and doctrine. Our place is to offer ideas and trust that the most buoyant ones will float in the minds of others seeking the Truth. With that mission in mind I allowed Santos to discuss his beliefs on flat Earth without ridicule, accusations, a demeaning attitude or ad hominem attacks.




Sadly this has not been the case across the board. From my understanding a feud amongst flat Earthers and globalists has arisen causing much unneeded strife in the whole of the Truth Movement. This rift is evident in the recent back and forth between Santos Bonacci and Max Igan; two men I equally respect which makes it all the more difficult for someone like me that chooses to remain neutral in the debate. It is my understanding that these two gentlemen were once good friends and this debate over what shape the friggin Earth is has caused an upset in that relationship. Both sides have gone on air spitting venom at one another for taking or not taking a certain position and as someone who has learned from both of these men; I have to say it is a sad thing for me to see them slinging mud at one another over an issue that simply does not call for it.


throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwaterLike the debate of the shape of the Earth, on the issue of Igan vs Bonacci, I will not bow to team mentality here either. I would urge all of you to do the same and simply stay out of it without affiliating yourself behind team Igan or team Bonacci. The last thing the Truth Movement needs is a civil war. We have already taken too many lumps in the past few months in other areas. At best I think it would behoove all of us to request that both parties, Santos Bonacci and Max Igan, bury this silly little hatchet as soon as possible so that we can remain unified as a movement and take on the real villains out there. The information put out there by flat Earthers is just as valuable as the information put out by globalists and we can’t go around throwing babies out with bath water if we wish to get anywhere at all.


Likewise, for anyone spending countless hours and keystrokes in threads regarding the topic I would ask you to show a little bit of civility because regardless of the shape of the Earth; it still needs our help. How about we save it first, and then with the Freedom we attain, study its shape later? The debate, by my estimation, is a distraction to side track all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. While I don’t consider Santos or Max to be leaders in a leaderless movement, I do consider them to be valuable researchers and activists in their respective fields and want nothing more than to see them unite in what they agree on, and disagree on matters they don’t with the class of gentlemen. If they can manage to do that in haste then we as a movement can combine our research and findings, regardless of what side of the isle you are on, and maybe come up with something completely new that has yet to occur to any of us. Be well, and when you disagree, disagree with dignity.


zodiac It doesn’t take a person in search of demons too awful long to find them. If one were so inclined to seek them out they will soon find that those pesky things are everywhere; under beds, in closets, under lamp stands and in every box of Hanna Montana breakfast cereal on aisle 13. In a world that happens to reside in a Universe that hangs in the balance of signs and symbols one does not have to look too awful far before stumbling upon some sort of sacred geometry and with the ignorance of a child staring into its dark closet, convinced that jacket on a hanger is a goblin, see the devil in the details. As the old adage would state, speak of the Devil and the Devil will appear. Are there signs, symbols and sacred geometry all around us? The answer to that is an obvious yes, of course. Without signs and symbols communication itself would be very difficult for our species to begin with, so if signs and symbols are inherently evil, they most certainly are a necessary inherent evil. That can make things a little confusing when you consider that we are told the heavens themselves, with their worlds and their stars, were created as signs for seasons by the Big Man Himself. The original G, or God as it were seems to admit in his classic appearance in the Bible that there is no one else to blame for the design of signs and symbols specifically including the blanket of the zodiac but He Himself. The notion that God somewhat expects us to understand the signs and symbols created begs the question of how said signs and symbols can be in and of themselves evil?


One of my earliest memories was around the age of six or so. I was riding with my Mother and Father on some back country roads, heading home from some relatives house if I remember correctly. I remember it being very dark and foggy that particular night and to tell you the truth the experience was a little frightening. I myself had not remembered the route we took to our destination and was certainly at a loss when it came to finding our way home. This feat would be even more impossible for me with the added difficulty of the darkness and thick billowing fog pushing against the van. Sure, it isn’t much of a tribulation, but for a six year old it is a sort of horrific venture through the valley of the shadow of death. I didn’t want to be the one to voice my seriously held concerns and upset anyone else in the van to the absolute disparity of the situation. I didn’t want to be the prick that screamed of our impending doom, so I focused on my Mother in the passenger seat who didn’t seem stirred at all, and my father who tapped the steering wheel to Johnny Cash as he casually navigated through the darkness without a care in the world. “Those two must know things I do not” I thought.


night-highway I wiggled my way in between their seats and cautiously craned my neck so I could see past the dashboard and into the night my parents didn’t seem to fear. When I was confident that merely looking into the dark would bring me no harm I started to take notice to things my Father seemed to observe without any concentration at all. At first I noticed that there were bright yellow lines, sometimes solid and sometimes broken dashing towards us and under the van.

“What are those daddy?” I asked.

“Those yellow lines? Oh, well those tell me what side of the road to stay on so I don’t hit another car going the other way son.”

Once that had been explained to me and I was relieved of the fear that we could slam into someone on the way home I look outward a little more and saw to the right of us little, glowing, green signs with numbers on them that darted past us periodically.

“And what are those things daddy?” I asked.

“Those are called mile markers son. They give us an idea of how far we are from home and how long it will take us to get there.” He explained.

The idea that we would be lost in the dark fog for all eternity then fled from me and I was no longer afraid that I would never see my bed with its Popeye the sailor man sheets again. After seeing larger white signs with numbers on them, I inquired about those too.

“Those tell me the speed limit son. They let me know when I can go faster or when I need to slow down.”


For the remainder of the trip home my Father explained what stop signs were for, what yield signs told you to do, why the lights have three different colors and why they change and before you know it we ran out of signs to be explained before we pulled safely up into the driveway of our home. I remember as I crawled into my Popeye bedsheets and snuggled up with my Huey Duck thinking that the ride home wasn’t so scary after all. I could’ve stayed my frightened little ass in the back seat, covered my face with my shirt and whimper to God to please make it all stop as all the signs remained Greek to me; however even at that young age I was a truth seeker. When one is a seeker of the truth they brave the fear of the unknown and at the very least they crawl in between Mama and Daddy and demand answers, they beg for explanations. As the book says, ask and ye shall receive. That night I learned that no matter how dark the night is or how thick the fog of the unknown clouds around you; the signs to lead you home are all around you. However seeing the signs won’t do you much good if you can’t understand what they are telling you. Of course in order to understand what they are telling you, you are going to need some guides that are no strangers to the road.

In that instance my parents were illuminated to the road leading home and they were the only ones that could have initiated me to their level of Enlightenment. While two of my siblings remained in the back seat and napped or twiddled their thumbs, I pushed past my fear rooted in ignorance and asked for the Light of Knowledge. I faced the Devil in that van and the Devil was me. My fear of the unknown was my own personal Satan and once I made the choice to resist him…well whattaya know, he fled from me. The bright light of knowledge burned the very fear right out of me; knowledge passed down to me from my elders. This most certainly could not have been accomplished by the ignorant speculations or assumptions from those that chose to remain in the dark of the back of the van.


illuminatiThis brings me to all this fuss in our day about the occult and the so called Illuminati. In most circles the very mention of either sends shivers down the spines of many. I have to confess, there was a time in my youth when I pontificated about secret cabals that were hell bent on world domination, depopulation, genetically modifying our food, poisoning our water, chem-trailing our skies etc. etc. etc.. Obviously I am not saying such things are not transpiring; it is evident that they are in fact happening. Where I had misplaced blame however was when I, in a paranoid fit, assigned blame for such things to those who are considered to be in the Illuminati or the occult; you know, the ones that flash hand signs, cover one eye, use numerology or sacred geometry to communicate with one another. I have news for you. Those are not the people you should hold hostility towards. They are not the satanic sycophants slaughtering babies and performing black magick rituals at your expense. Can one that believes in an ultimate higher power really doubt that that higher power would allow the demons to run amuck and not send angels or angles of Light that understand the same science as the “they” understand?


To me, it seems that for the most part those of the orthodox Christian faith are the ones most fearful of the use of Illuminati symbolism which strikes me as rather odd considering the 66 books of the Bible actually advocate illumination as well as occult practices. To be clear, the word occult simply means something hidden. It has absolutely nothing to do with Satan worship or black magick. It simply means hidden, that’s pretty much it. If I hide a beer in the fridge it is occult even if it isn’t a Colt 45. With the appropriate definition in hand of occult and a reading from the book of Proverbs which says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” There is no denying that God itself practices the occult.


The superstar of the New Testament, Yeshua the Christ, was very much an occultist, having outer teachings, inner teachings and inner circle teachings. Yeshua taught in symbolism and code, this is evident in the book of Matthew as we read: “And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand” or as the Authorized Crumpton Version would read: “Those douchebags over there don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and don’t even care enough to figure it out. I aint explaining jack shit to them.”

The whole notion that having secret knowledge that is only passed from master to apprentice being Satanic or indicative of Devil worship is another unfounded claim of the Christian apologetic when clearly Yeshua said: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” or as the Authorized Crumpton Version would say: “Don’t be teaching assholes this really groovy, metaphysical stuff I’m layin’ on ya. Those guys are friggin’ pigs and they’ll cut your throat as soon as they learn a little bit so they can try to conjure up crap for their belly.” Now obviously the Enlightened ones are supposed to seek out others who are looking for the Light, but the Illuminati (Enlightened ones) are most certainly not to force convert anyone. Yeshua said: “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city” or as the ACV would word: “If they aint got time to listen to the Truth…fuck em.” At this point, opponents to occult practices would point out that Yeshua said to preach on the housetops what you have heard in the ear as some sort of refutation. I would respond by saying that there aren’t too many people willing to climb to the roof to hear that which was whispered in the ear so, come on up and maybe we can rap a little but don’t expect me to cast my pearls down there in the street.


maxresdefault (3)The practice of hidden or secret knowledge has been vital to the preservation of such knowledge because as history has shown; the knowers always seem to get burned at stakes or thrown to lions or some other such nonsense as that. If it hadn’t of been for the establishment of secret societies for the intent and purpose of preserving ancient knowledge I assure you all the knowers would be dead and all that they knew would be locked up safe below the Vatican for your eyes never to see. It is true that some secret societies have been corrupted over time, I’ll give you that, but I assure you not all of them. I will even go so far with you as to say that there are some in the occult that do all that black magick nonsense with blood sacrifices to boot, but rest assured there is a balance out here. And as far as I can tell, as of late the balance is shifting more towards those that have compassion on mankind and want to see an evolution in the human species. That word evolution may scare some of you. The word occult may scare some of you as well as the existence of the Illuminati, and for that I am sorry. The only thing I would advise is for you to leave your slumbering siblings in the back of the van, climb your way in between Mama and Daddy and learn how to read the signs all around you. You do that and I assure you that in due time you will find yourself home. See you when you get here.

TAKE A WALK WITH ME: The Road of Religion and the Path of Spirituality

According to the wise words of Robert Plant, “Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” Far be it from me to offer you an absolute interpretation as to what that lyric from Stairway to Heaven actually means, either to Robert Plant or you the listener. Quite honestly I don’t know if I would even presume to tell you what that lyric means to me in any absolute way and I believe that is because I don’t think in such terms. I do however believe that it probably wouldn’t hurt so much if I placed an option on the table of ideology and allow all of you to make up your own mind. If what I say appeals to your palette then by all means serve thyself; if not pass the pot and I’ll be none too offended.


Many great parables use the concept of paths or roads to make a point or bring about a process of thinking. The lyric from Stairway, the road less taken, the straight and narrow versus the broad path to destruction, you get the idea. When I first started with ZENINTHECAR.COM I suppose this concept was probably somewhere in the back of my psyche as well, only rather than focusing on the path, I intended to rather put more emphasis on the vehicle itself that is on the path. One could draw the conclusion that the vehicle on the road of life is the body and I wouldn’t argue with you; however what I would do is also ask that you incorporate the ego as well. Think of the two in a symbiotic relationship, after all if a car represents the body then surely the driver represents the ego, essence, or spirit if you prefer. Neither is going anywhere if both are not in some sort of working relationship.


Like anything, a car is neutral. It has no free will of its own but merely goes or does what it is commanded to do by the operator. A car can be used to give the less fortunate a ride to the grocery store or for the simple pleasure of a joy ride from time to time. It can be used to save someone in need with a quick trip to the emergency room or bring the hungry groceries and for those who really lack perspective it can of course be used to commute to and from a place of work. On the other hand a car can be used to escape a bank robbery, a hit and run, the scene of a rape, theft or murder. The vehicle itself is neither evil nor is it good; it simply is. Ultimately the one at the wheel is responsible for the damage or goodwill performed by the car.


Now I have often said that it was while whizzing down the interstate at 80 miles per hour with trees and other cars darting past me in the opposite direction when I finally attained enlightenment, I should probably correct that to attained a level of enlightenment because I don’t believe enlightenment is something you fully obtain or a place you ultimately end up. Enlightenment is more like addiction to tell you the truth; that first hit is just the beginning and once you have it you will need more and more to maintain the high. In my case it isn’t practical to get a bigger and bigger car and go faster and faster so other methods for me to get my fix would need to be implemented. For me personally I have found that a great level of enlightenment can be attained in the complete opposite way than from how I first touched nirvana and that would be by taking slow and silent walks. Instead of absorbing massive amounts of visual, audible and physical information at high speeds I have found that there is incredible clarity in the observation of the tiniest details around me at a snail’s pace. In that place the Universe is in the moment and in a single moment one can fully experience the Universe.

Today was the warmest day we have had in my area of the world in a long string of very cold and cutting days. So I thought I would take the opportunity to enjoy a slow stroll to the local park I am known to frequent and do a little mobile meditation. Typically when I do this I will have a subject on my mind that I want to work through, or a revelation on something that has been mystifying me for a time. When I set out on my walk I had made the decision to contemplate the differences in religion and spirituality. Low and behold as soon as my boots hit the road I looked on the ground and in the middle of the street was a spoon. I have always thought it strange to find spoons just sitting in the middle of the road because I have to believe that it got there because someone was driving around with a spoon and suddenly just decided to toss it from the window of their car. Nevertheless I happen to find spoons in the oddest of places. Obviously what these random spoons bring my attention to is the line from the Matrix about there actually being no spoon.


nospoon1.2With the concept of there actually being no spoon my mindset is instantly shifted to the personal fact that everything I see that is perceivably around me and outside of me is in all actuality within me and is me. All that I see is merely a reflection of myself; a holographic projection that is manifested and sustained from my own consciousness. Knowing this rather than believing this I take my little walks as if life is in fact a video game not too far off from the scheme of Legend of Zelda where along the journey little bread crumbs will be prepared for me in the “physical” to help me solve the riddle of the spiritual. Taking the spoon and placing it in my back pocket I know that if I remain mindful the answers I am seeking will manifest themselves before I return to my abode.


I continue with my walking and turn my attention back to the differences between religion and spirituality. From my view religion is a path that most will start out on. It is already laid out for you and there is very little effort needed except to walk a path that has already been predetermined by whoever created it. Religion isn’t really open to personal interpretation but demands a strict adherence to what has been established by men and women long since gone. Religion is concrete and tends to speak in absolutes for the most part. It doesn’t allow for the growth of personal and first-hand experience or knowledge rather it demands the conformity and obedience of outside knowledge and second hand experience. Religion is a path designed for the ego, tracks laid out that don’t really provide for the will to express or create but instead carries the ego exactly where it wants the ego to go. What is ego? I can’t pretend to explain it as eloquently as the Buddha but I can describe it from my personal place of understanding. Ego is the you that is not really you. Ego is the identity that was provided for you at the moment of your conception and continuously crafted for you by those around you since that moment on. It is the legal name you were given but did not choose. It is the race you were told that you are but not given the chance to adopt. It is the faith you were raised in but did not seek out for yourself. It is the nationality you were forced into by borders on a map that were not laid out by you. Ego is the job, the net worth, the clothes, the marriage, the disorder, the handicap, the morals, the dogma and all the other things hoisted upon you that you have accepted but did not create. Ego is the car. The neutral and lifeless mass of parts bereft of free will or free expression. Sure, it may have had intelligent design but it truly has no intelligence of its own.


When Buddha set out his journey to enlightenment the concept of the ego was one of the primary conundrums he would have to tackle. Being born and raised a prince in the palace of his father, Buddha was given everything a person stuck in ego could want. Fine foods, luxuries, power, as well as a wife and child. Yet Buddha was one of the few that hear the call for something beyond the physical and from birth felt compelled to head the call of the spiritual. In order to do so he had to shed himself of all the physical that had been built around him keeping him trapped within the ego. That included the union of his wife and child. How can one seek that which is without when confined to titles such as father and husband? In a similar fashion I suppose I can identify with the Buddha in that regard. When the yearning inside me for something more than a home in the suburbs, a 401k, a white picket fence and an identity that was more fluid than the mask I had been wearing overwhelmed me, I too had to walk away from all that the physical ego had created. The most difficult of all these to let go of was a marriage that I was quite attached to and had defined me for thirteen years of my life.


Anyone who has heard of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey will understand that when the call to adventure is heard, and the Hero chooses to take the quest he must leave the place he has called home and found security his whole life for uncertainty, danger, despair and all that comes with the unknown. This formula is true of any mythological character, super hero, messianic figure and believe it or not you and me as well. For me, when the call to adventure was given it was very much like coming to a fork in the road of life where I knew that in order to fulfill my purpose I had to go one way and while it was my heart’s desire that my wife come along with me, it was simply not written in the stars. I had to walk my path and she had to walk hers. As we ventured onward apart, the distance of forest between us only grew more vast with each step we took and while early on I called through the trees to her with pleas of her changing the path she was on; eventually the only sound that returned to me was the echo of my own voice. I had to walk this path alone, that had become clear. The purpose of the hero’s journey is to seek a golden fleece, a holy grail, an Excalibur or some other magical relic which would vanquish the evil of the day and bring peace to the world. In the case of spirituality the thing that must be found is the true self. The individual identity that the ego had imprisoned behind bars of titles, labels and obligations. When one takes this path they find that there is no road laid out before them and there is no track to follow. If you take the road of spirituality you enter into experience which is more fluid and intangible than the rigid road of religion.


As I pondered this on my walk I had found myself at the beginning of a nature trail not too far from my home where a sign stands that many a Christian leave gospel tracts in hopes that some poor, lost soul will read them and eventually come to their church. Now while I am not what most would call an orthodox Christian, I am most certainly not one of those who have animosity towards them, the bible or the message of the man commonly known as the Christ. I am just as content in a Baptist church to learn as I am with a Hindu or Buddhist temple. So with the ability to translate what is said or written by an orthodox Christian church I happily grabbed one of the gospel tracts to see what message the Most High had for me. Here is what it said:


972231_286948341442262_1499513182_n“One of the main objects of the Holy Spirit is to get believers really identified with Christ as the risen and exalted Lord, and to make His risen life real in their experience. As the age moves toward its consummation-the manifestation of Christ –two features will become increasing evident. On the one hand things, men, movements, institutions, organizations, etc., will predominate and draw multitudes after them, and will attach the crowds to themselves. On the other hand, with a growing disappointment and disillusionment over these, a minority will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him alone as their life.

Three elements will inhere in all this. One is the unmistakable development of the principle of Antichrist; that which will definitely supplant Christ, or intend to do so. The second is the alternative to the whole Christ in man-mad Christianity, and imitation life born and carried on by its own momentum. The third, a deep and genuine quest for reality, truth, and inward knowledge of the Lord Himself. In the first case it will be the naked worship of man in human power: a tremendous overflow of humanism, the wonder and glory of man. The third will be Christ altogether as the life.


If the Christian is attached to some thing, such as a teaching, a tradition, an institution, a movement, or a person, the end will certainly be a limitation of life and eventually confusion and disappointment, perhaps worse. The New Testament makes it unmistakably clear and emphatic that the destiny of all is to be “Christ all and in all.” We must learn that a true work of the Spirit of God is to attach everything to Christ Himself. He, Christ, must be the life of our spirit, the “inner man,” so that we are strong in the Lord: not in ourselves, nor in others, nor in things. We shall have to survive adversity by his strength within alone.


Christ will have to be the life of our mind. Perplexity will find us without the power to explain and understand, but the spirit will teach and lead. Christ will need to be life for our bodies. There is such a thing as Divine life for the physical body. Not always does the Lord choose to heal the body, but he does always want to be its life, even in suffering, to fulfill his purpose.

It is the lord himself, and for this to be so, it often has to be against a background of natural inability. The power of his resurrection is the law of union with Christ from the beginning to the end. Days of terrific pressure are upon the lord’s people. Their enemy is taking very little off-time. The only sufficiency is in the Lord himself as our life. Barnabas exhorted the believers at the beginning that “with purpose of heart they should cleave unto the lord”. There is an utterness about this that will be pressed upon us until the time “when Christ, who is our life, shall be manifested.”  


After reading this I had to admit that I couldn’t agree more with the words on the tract though I am sure I translated it differently than the author intended, which is where you get into the land of heresy but as Jesse Herriott would say; “Heresy is good for breakfast.”


Those still on the road of religion would take all of that and interpret it to mean that a person must conform to something outside of themselves, a young Jewish figure that lived two centuries ago in a culture that is alien to us now in the 21st century. They would believe that the only hope of any type of redemption is to call upon and pray to someone or something far, far away that will only be manifested high in the sky some day when you die. I think that is a bunch of nonsense. I believe that the entire message of the Christ is that we…gasp…are indeed Christ ourselves. We, once shed of ego, are the very second coming millions are still waiting for. It was the message of the man commonly known as Jesus that there was and is no difference between him and ourselves. He tried so desperately to relay to us that once we are willing to shed ourselves of an ego which has been indoctrinated with the notion that we are worthless sinners deserving of eternity in the flames of hell and at best we should close our eyes and bow our heads when addressing the Most High; that we would come to the realization of the truth. That truth is that without the ego, we are the sinless and perfected Sons and Daughters of God and we ought never hide our faces from It, but boldly enter into the throne room. Obviously if you come to this realization and intend to express to friends and family that have not, that you are in fact a Messiah, fully expect to be thrown in the loony bin by those addicted to ego and its limited capacity for understanding anything ever written in the bible or any other holy scripture. My advice is to keep the fact that you are God in the flesh a silent secret between you and the other winking spirits you meet that know it to be true as well.


Again, I think one of the most profound things I have ever heard Jesse Herriott say is “Don’t pray to God, rather pray from God.” Which brings me to the concept of Satan or the devil. Like Buddha before him, the Christ performed the ritual of wandering in the wilderness for a time to confront the ego and finally claim dominion over it. The Satan that appeared before him those 40 days and 40 nights was simply the manifestation of himself that we would call ego; the identity one has which is apart from the infinity of what we call God. The devil that tempted him to rely on an outside force was nothing more than his own doubts, fears, worries and disbelief that he indeed was God in the flesh. Like Krishna, Buddha and Christ; we all must face this adversary if we are to continue on the path of spirituality. Of course as the New Testament has stated, this adversary will continue to pop its ugly head up for some time along the journey to tempt us away from the journey we first set out and gave up all in order to travel. After we have come to purge Satan from ourselves it becomes very sly and appears to us as others.


I continued my walk through the woods to the park down from my house pondering this and an analogy from my personal path came to mind. When I had resolved within my soul that my journey would be done alone and without a partner beside me, I eventually came to the place where I understood that regardless of people in my life or things at my disposal, the most fulfilling treasure had indeed been attained. Individuality. God expressing itself through me, with me and from me. I had come to know and appreciate the uniqueness of God within my members and found as all mystics before me that the very knowledge of this was self-sufficient despite all I had left behind. Of course after nearly three years of flying solo, the temptation of ego played on one of my many vices and that was to have my arms wrapped around a woman. I rationalized that I had been single long enough and perhaps I had healed my wounds to a degree that I could give relationships another shot. It didn’t occur to me at the time that when one opens themselves up to include another in their journey compromises in one’s identity must be made. This is not always a bad thing if the two of you are on the same path but as the bible says “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”


One of the problems with being a Messiah is the compulsion to want to save others. Now this isn’t a problem if you do as you should and swoop in, save the ones that want to be saved and then fly off into the sunset. However if you aren’t mindful you might find yourself in the predicament of trying to pull someone out of quicksand that they don’t really want to be saved from. In a brief relationship I entered into this was the fix I found myself in. Some would call this a toxic relationship or a codependent relationship. This is when you empathize with the pain and heartache of someone else so much, when you are holding onto them so much desperately trying your best to pull them out of the muck and the mire that before too long you find that you are being pulled in with them. Though all of your energy and strength had been dedicated to saving them from demise it became apparent that they were fighting against you to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. Your energy being drained, your true identity overshadowed by a new and subtle ego that is coupled with the other person, you must come to understand that you are again being tested by the adversary to abandon the hero’s journey. When I came to understand this revelation, and that the other person I was trying to save was merely me looking through a mirror darkly, the choice was clear. Let go.


You can’t save everyone. You especially can’t save those that have no desire to be saved but relish in the cloak of victimhood. My advice to anyone on the path of spirituality that are not content to do as Paul and remain single; don’t yoke up with someone that needs to be saved. If you are to have a partner in your journey then make sure it is with someone who has already saved themselves. Don’t be pulled down when you intend to pull someone up; instead find someone on level ground that sees you eye to eye. Anything else and you are stepping onto the playground of the Devil where the ego will be tempted to rise again and again.


As I considered this I found myself sitting on my regular bench at the park. I took the spoon from my pocket, bent it slightly and sat it down beside me. I looked around for more breadcrumbs of the Universe and low and behold not too far from me was a nerf dart. It was bright blue with an orange tip. Not one to second guess myself I walked over and picked it up, took a pause and looked around only to see another a few feet from where I stood. Like the good little avatar that I am I retrieved it as well, repeating the process until before long I had 12 nerf darts in my hand. This message from the Universe brought a smile to my face as the story of the Buddha having darts from his dark half shot at him in order to frighten him away from the Bodhi Tree and of course the biblical passage of the wicked one sending fiery darts to those on the path of enlightenment. My own Satan or ego had indeed sent a barrage of 12 darts my way, but the Universe was telling me to remember that they are only made of foam and plastic and that I was never to forget that this Hero’s Journey is just a game after all. Though we sometimes get immersed in the game and for a brief time believe it is real; we must constantly remind ourselves that the point of any game is to just have fun. So in anything be it love, life or spirituality, remember that if you aren’t at the least having fun, you aren’t doing it right. At the end of the day I think that is how one can tell if they are on the road of religion, or creating the path of spirituality.


ZENBLUEPYRAMIDMEMEAs a certain British thespian I am quite partial to once said, “Sometimes Evolution takes a giant leap forward”. He believes that, I believe that and now all of you Zenners can believe it as well. Typically the contributors, editors and writers at ZENINTHECAR.COM take an annual hiatus so that all of us can recharge our batteries and plot a course for the next year ahead. As you all are aware, our hiatus this past year was exceptionally longer than usual but all of us are better for it and now we think you will be as well. While most of the core contributors have been dispersed across this great country in the past few months and of course the issues of life have yet to cease for all of us as individuals; we honestly were still a little fuzzy on what course to plot for the war weary and battle scarred Starship Zenterprise… then in a flash of light something miraculous happened. A giant leap in the Evolution of our thinking took place; there was no time to wait until the next hiatus. The Starship Zenterprise needed a refit and it needed it now.

So as we put the site in dry-dock, Sabrina Black and myself took on the endeavor of making up a new blueprint of how the site would be structured, what it would offer for you guys as well as what courses we would chart. Pushing all distractions aside, she and I poured our hearts and minds into developing something that once christened, would not simply be a step or two forward but instead would be well beyond what we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have dared to do thus far. Essentially Sabrina and I decided to go all in on what the site could be and let the chips fall where they may. You may have noticed that for the past week or so the site has been under construction without fore warning, and now we hope you see why. Not only do we have a new look to the site, but so, so much more.

Out of the gates Sabrina Black’s Divine America has completely made its way home here at ZENINTHECAR.COM so you Zenners out there don’t have to go surfing the web (do people still “surf” the web anyway?) to find your favorite contributor’s work. We also have joined forces with Americanfreedomradio.com to not only offer you 24 hour live broadcasting from its brilliant programming, but have somehow convinced nationally syndicated radio show host Chuck Ochelli to join our crazy train by contributing as well. Those of you who have enjoyed our guest appearances on The Ochelli Effect have made it known that the on air chemistry the three of us start mixing is worthy of a more consistent and long term intertwining. Your wish has been granted, The Ochelli Effect now has a presence on ZENINTHECAR.COM sure to whet your appetite.

Our good friend Jason Patrick (Jason the First) is also back on board with Jason Patrick Live. In his campaign, The Fight for Freedom Never Sleeps, Patrick has truly been the embodiment of ZENINTHECAR.COM with his relentless travels to any part of the country where Freedom and Liberty are being threatened and need a spotlight (or smartphone) to expose over reach by state and federal “authorities”. So be sure to catch his live feeds across the country as well as all his past broadcasts on our home page.

Dylan Wade has also stepped onto the Bridge with his column Wade’s Reviews. While the rest of us are going on and on about politics, enlightenment and all the rest; Dylan will be providing us with the guilty pleasures of pop culture critique in any niche he sees so fit. Don’t head to the theatre, or rent that PS4 game before checking in with Wade to see if it’s actually worth your hard earned monopoly money printed by the federal reserve.

Once the Zenterprise gets underway, I will also have my own little corner to blog about anything I wish to blog about without the confines of politics or spirituality at Down Loaded Content; also underneath the ZENINTHECAR.COM banner. I won’t go much further with that because quite honestly I don’t intend to plan out what I will or won’t write over there so you might want to expect more flow of consciousness from that particular corner.

zenterprizeWhile all of this in itself is quite an Evolution from where we have come from; there are still other contributors in different veins of expression getting prepared in the background to join us in our great enterprise and more features and services under development. We hope you are looking forward to what else we have up our sleeve and ask that you pardon our progress as we continue to grow on the fly. Until then please take the time to jump around our site and see what it has to offer thus far and don’t forget to like and subscribe to us on Facebook and YouTube. We look forward to hearing your feedback and as always; Enjoy ZENINTHECAR.COM

Very special thanks to Sabrina Black and Chuck Ochelli for all their hard work, passion, drive and belief in this bold new direction. None of this could have been possible without their talent and dedication.




REVOLUTIONISEVOLUTIONLOGOThere is little doubt by now for most people privileged enough to be alive at this moment in history that something big is happening. Even to those still stuck in the mud of fluoridated water who have yet to really awaken to the much larger truths emerging all around us are at some level aware that great change is upon us all. For those of us ahead of the curve on this little notion it is commonly called Revolution. Something is revolving; something is turning back around on itself and performing a 360 of unimaginable proportions. Obviously the usage of the word Revolution tends to evoke imagery of guns, war and bloodshed which really is an unfortunate thing because quite honestly it shouldn’t. Perhaps in the past such imagery would have been synonymous with the word and rightfully so; however this time it is my belief that the word Revolution is due for a makeover. This is one of the reasons that the term Evolution is frequently coupled with Revolution by your humble author and others of his ink and ilk.

photo from playbuzz.com

photo from playbuzz.com

Obviously I am not referring to Darwinian Evolution so fundamentalists of any flavor can stop squirming; rather I am speaking of an Evolution in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional sense. Our species’ current state of being in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms is the very thing that has allowed the world to become the mess we all now sense that it is. Be it proxy wars, fiat currencies, genetically modified foods, the raping of Earth by the delusional notion that fossil fuels are actually the best we can do or any of the other issues that make the Enlightened among us scratch our heads in frustration; one thing is certain and it is that Einstein was correct when he said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Humanity has no choice but to begin thinking, feeling and acting in a different way if it wishes to keep on ascending than it ever has in the past.

As an American Patriot that reveres the Founding Fathers and the concepts written in the Constitution as well as the Republic it was written to protect and preserve, it becomes quite a task for me to iterate to other Revolutionaries the position of a non-violent stance in the face of the tyranny that has been passed along to us by previous generations considering the Revolution of our Founders was indeed washed in the blood of violence. Some in the Patriot or Liberty movement would say that I am naïve for not advocating a hot revolution and point back to 1776 as if the solution is to repeat the exact steps that began the path we currently find ourselves on. While it is true that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it; it is equally true that those hell bent on repeating the past will indeed do that too and I for one am not entirely keen on the idea of bullets flying from all directions on the streets of the country I love. The war and violence of 1776 had its place in 1776 and served its purpose for its day and time but the fact that is staring us directly in the face is that when lead to its final and current outcome; it did not purge tyranny by government but instead suppressed and postponed it for a few generations. It is my belief that the Founders were well aware of this when they played their part in history and put their hopes in a wise and Enlightened generation yet to come to find a way, a better way, to enact change. Hopefully here we are.

A hot revolution in the age of nuclear weapons that can fit inside of briefcases, drones, GPS on everyone’s person and assault rifles behind every blade of grass is the surest and quickest way for the homo-sapiens to be added to the list of endangered or extinct species. One has to wonder about the IQ of anyone advocating such a thing and examine if indeed such an advocate is a member of our species or a leftover knuckle dragger from the Neanderthal age that just wants a chuckle as they watch us fade away into the history books as well. One of the reasons the idea of violence against the government cannot work in our time is because quite frankly no one would actually know who to shoot at. There won’t be uniforms passed out that clearly identify tyrants from patriots, there won’t be flags that say ‘Freedom’ or ‘Slavery’ and there certainly won’t be clearly identified borders for either side to retreat to. The fact is that the people who are assisting the tyranny make up just as much of the police and military as those who want Freedom and Liberty and what both sides have in common is that in their minds they both believe that the actions they take on a daily basis is a means to the end of preserving peace.


photo from mashable.com

Advocates of a police and surveillance state are for the most part convinced that there is a demon under every sofa and a terrorist behind every lamp-stand therefore they justify within themselves the necessity for participating in the perpetuation of such a state. As wrong as they may be for giving into the Machiavellian mindset they were sold, no one can seriously believe that they are mustache twisting villains who actually get off on committing treason or mindless storm troopers content to punch a clock on the death star and blow up planets before lunch. Sure, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a handful of lunatics in secret cabals that do indeed get off on the suffering and misery of we mere mortals but the biggest part of their orgiastic enthusiasm is that the suffering and misery we endure is done by our own hands and requires but a little nudge from them and nothing more.

In the event of a hot revolution the tiny few so called elite would be safe and sound in bunkers somewhere sipping on chianti while the masses cut each other to pieces on the streets in the name of some glorious revolution that will do little more than cause quite the drop in population and put us right back on the hamster wheel humanity was unable to get off of in 1776. I don’t hunt but from my understanding there are hunting seasons to keep the populations of certain animals in check so once or twice a year bullets must fly and bodies must fall. Hot revolutions are the equivalent of hunting seasons ordained by the tiny few who do enjoy pushing for a servant and master class.

While it is true that the military is conducting itself in an unconstitutional manner and has done so for quite some time, and it is most certainly true that the police are behaving more and more like the gestapo at an alarming rate these problems will never be solved with pre-emptive violence. Violence in self-defense, absolutely, shooting at every man or woman with a badge? Asininity. Ultimately the poor actions of those perpetuating tyranny is a problem of the mind. It is the sickness of a poor fund of knowledge. Police state adherents are simply ignorant of the Rights we have been endowed with by our creator and the depth of that ignorance obviously stimulates violence in greater degrees. We, as Enlightened Revolutionaries have to understand that within the thinking process of tyrants is the self- justification of their actions. All villains believe they are the hero in some sick and twisted way. While our task is much more difficult than pulling a trigger, which is easy, in the greater scheme of things taking the time, patience and proper attitude to educate and Enlighten them to our way of thinking is ultimately going to reap the greater reward as well as keep mankind from extinction in some pointless getting off of guns.

Now I will be the first to admit that I certainly don’t have all the answers and cannot provide all of the solutions on how we stop tyranny dead in its tracks in a peaceful way but I will also be the first to say that at least I have some and at least I am willing to exhaust those solutions with every fiber of my being before believing that picking up a rifle is what will do the trick. When I’m done exhausting those solutions I will be more than willing to exhaust your peaceful solutions as well because as I have always said and will continue to say; when violence goes up against violence the one who wins is simply the most violent. In that instance it should be noted that the most violent is always the least right and who wants to be a part of a post revolution world that is simply so wrong?

Of course all of this brings me now to the most recent episodes of Zen in the Car T.V. which are also titled Revolution is Evolution parts one, two and three. In the past year or so I have had the privilege to take the message of peaceful Revolution to many alternative media outlets and do my part in this whole thing to inspire, encourage and hopefully help steer the course of our fate in some small way in the direction of non-violent resistance to the tyranny we have had to endure in the country. This is not always an easy task, especially when communicating with those on either side that are so filled with anger and rage the only outcome they can conceive is a violent one. These types of folks can be found on the side of the state as well as the side of the Patriot movement. For the past year we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have documented on multiple occasions the aggressive nature of the state and some of those behind badges that have no problem violating civil rights but for the sake of fairness it should also be shown that the Liberty movement has its fair share of douchebags too.

Untitled-1Your humble author was invited on The Ochelli Effect not too long ago to discuss the concepts we are talking about here and the catalyst for the interview was in regards to an article previously published on ZENINTHECAR.COM where I saw fit to make commentary on the views of a caller who in fact does advocate a violent response to the state. The article is read during the first episode so I won’t exhaust the details here, however what ensued as a result of the interview is something I do wish to elaborate on before you view all three parts in their entirety.

Evidently the network which currently carries The Ochelli Effect has a hand full of dedicated …chat room buddies and these…chat room buddies…have had this special bond for quite some time apparently. Unbeknownst and completely irrelevant to me was the fact that the subject of my article, Mr. Cracker, is a member of this dedicated group of chat room buddies and my usage of his words and position (which were voiced by Mr. Cracker himself on a public forum and subject to commentary and criticism) to demonstrate the futility of violent revolution in my writings didn’t sit too well with them. After the chat room brigade got good and tanked by the end of my reading (hey fellas, the steps work if ya work em’ but they won’t if ya don’t) deciding to call in to rip me a new one or whatever before Mr. Cracker himself called back in only to bail after roughly eight minutes of not really saying a whole lot of anything significant or useful but proving he was very proficient in yelling “THE SECOND AMENDMENT” into his phone, the insanity only snowballed further. I’ll let you experience it for yourself in the episodes below and have your own internal dialogue on which side makes the most sense.

CENSOREDThankfully though there is always an opportunity to turn any situation into a teachable moment and this ordeal did allow the contrast between the two positions of revolution to be examined. My position of a peaceful method of change was allowed to get in the proverbial ring with the method of violence in an open forum for all of you to weigh the results in the balance of common sense. This is a win for Enlightened Revolutionaries like you and I. Unfortunately as a result of the entire interview a decision was made somewhere over at UCY.TV to have yours truly banned from their particular airwaves. It is still unclear to everyone over here at ZENINTHECAR.COM and me as to why exactly I was banned and we can only speculate as to the whom and how this decision was made seeing as how this ban was only relayed to us through third parties and not directly by those responsible. The only thing we know for certain is that I am indeed banned as a result of The Ochelli Effect interview that night.

Obviously this has come as a disappoint to us at ZENINTHECAR.COM, not because we don’t have other outlets to spread our message but because as members of the alternative media it saddens us to see others who would fly that banner betray the philosophy that goes along with it. Ultimately all of us here are individual writers, bloggers, philosophers, poets, commentators and activists of all different walks of life that have come together for some common causes through the medium of alternative media; or media that the mainstream will not allow due to censorship or the fitting of politically or financially correct muzzles on our views. We don’t always agree with one another and have the understanding that nor should we; however it is our duty as individual members of the collective alternative media to at least allow one another the opportunity to express our views no matter how unpopular, offensive or controversial those views may be. On the day that current or future contributors to ZENINTHECAR.COM lose sight of that philosophy then it is my hope that this site and all its outlets be scattered in the wind because it will no longer be able to serve the purpose in which it was conceived to perform.

It should be noted at this point that neither the host of The Ochelli Effect or Jaded; shows I have frequented on UCY.TV, are responsible for the decision to have me banned and in no way should my banishment reflect poorly upon them because it was simply out of their hands. I happen to find both of them very kind and professional and have thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on both of their shows. The unfortunate part about them being carried on the network that had me banned is that it begs the question of just how much UCY.TV has tied their hands behind their backs in regards to who can come on their shows and what can be spoken about. That is a disheartening thought in light of the desperate need the alternative media has for articulate and daring voices. It is my hope and prayer that their talent and genuine love for Freedom of expression is noticed by other networks that are more deserving of what they have to offer, and if that transpires they not hesitate to leap at the opportunity. So there is no need to protest the network, no need to blast them ad nauseam. The only thing required is to simply note that at the very least they have engaged in censorship with me and then to ask yourself how many have they censored that you don’t know about.

RevolutionariesAll of that being said the good news is that the situation has been salvaged to bring forth goodness for your viewing pleasure in the following three part series Revolution is Evolution. So sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage of your choice with snack or two in hand and join Jason Patrick, Sabrina Black and myself as we freely express our views of peaceful Revolution, non-violent disobedience and the importance of the First Amendment. It is our hope and desire that not only are you entertained but you are Enlightened as well. See you around.






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Life is not without a sense of irony as I always say, and this little ditty shall be a prime example of that maxim. Though I should warn you before reading on that if you are easily offended or are not too keen on hearing bone crunching truth about certain things you should curl back up in your bed of self-denial and read no further.


Freddie Gray-Human Being

Freddie Gray-Human Being

Recently I wrote an article which briefly touched on the Baltimore issue as a result of the Freddie Gray murder. If you read the article They’re All Gonna Shoot at You, you are aware that Freddie Gray was only mentioned in the opening, as the rest of the article addressed the Revolution going on in this country as a whole. Nevertheless it took about fifteen minutes for someone from social media to add their two cents on the article with an idiotic response regarding “black thugs” in this country destroying the flag and yadda, yadda, yadda. Typically I refrain from social media phallic measuring contests, but on this particular occasion I felt it was my duty to engage someone with the I.Q. of an eggplant as a public service by making an example of his douchebaggery. Below is the little back and forth he and I had, and as a favor to him I will be changing his actual last name to “Douchebag” …and because that would be funny.


Paul Douchebag: Im am more worried about being shot by a “black thug” than i am being shot by a cop period. Blacks categorize any issue they have with white people when they actually bring most of it on themselves with that being said i am tired of tip toeing around blacks because we are afraid to hurt their feelings

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: When about less than ten percent of this article had anything to do with “black thugs” yet it is the only issue of a much larger issue being addressed that you chose to point out; I would have to say you are far from tip toeing around blacks but rather seem to be preoccupied with stomping as loud as you can around them. Cheerio!

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Paul Douchebag: You are right i am tired of it so now voicing it as loud as i can all the rioting and violence that they do everyone says oh we feel bad for them they have been oppressed i am 45 years old and for as long as i remember they have had the same rights if not more because of there color so yes im tired of their whining and crying

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Paul Douchebag: I see everyday of blacks killing whites and there is no mention of it no hate crime involved by the doj or any type of media or gov’t but yet it continues everyday. They kill whites because of color but to this day it has not been proven a single cop shooting was because of color but yet because of there background and we still have people bleeding heart liberals who take up for them because they are the poor old oppressed blacks

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: Well congratulations fella, you have successfully taken the bait on the hook of divide and conquer tossed out on the line by the federal government. Those black people you are so frustrated with happen to be American citizens just like you. You may want to view them in a different light because of the color of their skin but I choose to just see them as people and ascertain each incident of police brutality on an individual basis. The fact of the Baltimore thing is that the police killed a guy without due process and as a result American citizens protested. Perhaps a small minority of those Americans went about it in a poor way, but you can’t say they didn’t do something in the face of tyranny. That is a little more than I can say about groups claiming to protect the Constitution and the Rights of ALL MEN WHO ARE CREATED EQUAL who do absolutely nothing while the federal government pushes against us all. If you have a problem with black people who behave poorly I would suggest you order some bulk pocket Constitutions and go to the hood, pass them out, inform them of their Rights and harness the passion they have on the side of the Liberty movement.

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Paul Douchebag: If you call rioting and looting and killing the path to liberty then you can keep your liberty

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: I don’t recall saying that at all.

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: But you are welcome to cite where I did.

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Paul Douchebag: I am a war vet who has fought for this country and to see these thugs destroy the flag and do what they do sickens me and i dont have a problem with all blacks but i sure as hell do when they are thugs

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: The Baltimore thing is about a flag being destroyed?

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Paul Douchebag: This is not just about baltimore

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: And I am sorry, I really am, but if you are 45 you have not fought for this country at all, you have fought to expand a corporation across the globe because this country hasn’t declared war since WW2…just sayin.

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Paul Douchebag: Let me tell you something you neo nazi i have seen men and women die in combat for this country in iraq for whatever fucked reason we were there that was still my brothers and sisters that died there asshole

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: I’m sorry you had to see that, I honestly am, but I am actually a Patriotic Constitutionalist that read there should be no standing army in this country two years after any declared war in the Constitution so I wasn’t fooled into fighting proxy wars for the military industrial complex that has brought this Republic to its knees. Seeing people die doesn’t justify a position and slinging unwarranted labels on people because you don’t like what they have to say doesn’t either. But just out of curiosity, were any of those brothers or sisters black?

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Paul Douchebag: Yes they were and i dont have a problem with blacks who conduct themselves accordingly but its the ones that act as thugs that would kill you right now in a dark alley just because you are white

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Paul Douchebag: They can protest all they want that doesnt bother me and it is their right to do so but we are not talking about protest ee are talking about rioting

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Daniel Louis Crumpton: I live in the south, I’m more likely to be lynched by bedsheets in the woods than I am to be killed because I am white. Go back to your first comment man, we aren’t talking about rioting; we are talking about you not wanting to tip toe around a particular group of Americans, which is your right to do so as well. I just think it would be more productive for the country if we stop dividing ourselves and confront the real enemy of Liberty. And as far as flags go, they are just clothe representations of an ideal and the ideal of ours has been marred more by the cats in Washington that sent you to war more than any so called “black thug”. You want to toss titles around, toss them at your recruiter.

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So there you have that little nugget of goodness, but of course the tale doesn’t end there and let us hope that Paul Douchebag is reading along with us so he too can learn how this thing should be done. For his sake, our sake and the sake of all those pesky little “black thugs”.

As I typically do on a daily basis I pop my ear buds in and go for a walk of meditation on the Wellston Trail in my town which ends at a public park for all to enjoy. It’s a beautiful trail which goes through a neighborhood and a nature walk for your viewing pleasure where I can pass by fellow citizens of my town with a smile, a nod and an occasional chat. After emerging from the forest I was pleased to see a lady friend of mine sitting on the grass watching her two little girls networking on the playground for some fellow kiddies to play with. I joined her and after a while of enjoying the evening breeze underneath the sun it was time to round the girls up. When pleas of five more minutes were offered up she and I had no choice but to be at their mercy, so we chose a nice pic-nick table to sit down for a while.

With a content smile I listened to some tunes and watched the kids playing, the birds searching for food, lovers holding hands and …uh oh…a bunch of “black thugs” playing basketball not too far away. A few moments later a silver Warner Robins police department squad car came rolling into the park to which I mumbled “Here come the po-po.” My lady friend sighed wondering if they were coming for me again but I knew better. We waited for the po-po officer to po-po pop out of his cruiser but alas; he did not until a second cruiser arrived and then it became obvious as to why. Po-po officer number one was a white guy. Po-po officer number two was black, or brown, or mocha or whatever. As the two officers crossed the bridge and headed towards the basketball court the “black thugs” began to understandably disperse and rightfully so because I’m pretty sure they were well aware that po-po’s can’t play ball for shit.

They stopped two of the “black thugs” leaving the court that both had back packs on and from where I was could tell they were probably wanting to search their effects. After a moment or two they let the first two go and headed towards the rest of the “black thugs” on the court who still scrambled to collect their gear. Clearly shaken from the intimidation tactics of the po-po-stopo they had to wet their whistle at the nearby water fountain. At this point I asked my lady friend to watch my things and told her I would be right back. With my messenger bag on my shoulder I walked towards them and started to pull out my water bottle so I could refill it at the (oh no Paul Douchebag!) the same water fountain as the “black thugs”.

“Hey guys, what was that all about?” I asked.

The two “black thugs” were young guys around 18 or 19 and obviously shaken by the intimidation tactics the white po-po had used on them.

“Man, they said they lookin’ for weed like we got weed on us or somethin’.” The one to my left answered.

“Did they try to search you?” I asked.

“Naw, but they over there tryin’ to search some of them.” Said the second young man.

I looked over to the court where the officers were already digging through a back-pack on a bench as all the other “black thugs” walked away.

“That’s messed up man. Hey listen fellas, don’t ever let a cop search you without a warrant and if they ever approach you again like that don’t say a word to them, all right.” I instructed.

The two young men looked at me a little perplexed. They had never heard this before, probably because the public education system doesn’t want young black men to know what their rights are.

“You mean I aint gotta let them search me if I don’t want to?”

“Of course not. If they don’t have a warrant with your name on it, what they want to search and what it is they are searching for signed by a judge, you don’t have to let them search a damn thing.” I said.

I pulled a pocket Constitution and flipped to the Fourth Amendment.

“Look at this fellas.” I said as both of them flanked me to read along.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” I read out loud.

The two young men looked at each other wide-eyed with a shared “Daaaaaaaaaaamn” which brought a well-earned smile to my face as I could hear light bulbs buzzing on.

“Now listen guys, cops can legally lie to you so don’t fall for their tricks that what I just showed you isn’t true, all right. Don’t let them try to get in your face and intimidate you because they’re just trying to throw you off your game, you got that?” I asked.

As both of them nodded I glanced over and saw that po-po one and po-po two had finished their search of the bag and now had their eyes on us, walking our way by the second. Knowing our time was short I knelt down to find something to write on from my bag and sat the Constitution in front of me.

“Listen guys, I’m going to give you my contact information so you can get a hold of me when we part ways. I’d like to teach you guys your Rights so you know how to deal with the cops when they approach you. They like to target young black men like you because they know you are unaware of your Rights by design so they can throw you in the system and keep you there most of your life so they can milk you for money. Sound like a plan?” I asked.

As the officers nearly approached us I looked up and saw both of them nodding with the confidence only a young black man can give the proper swagger to. As I started writing down some of my info it didn’t take too long before po-po pasty face’s voice chimed in with: “What’s in the bag?”

The two young black men froze on either side of me thinking they had jumped out of the frying pan only to find themselves in the fire. Still looking down I smiled as I thought; “Now here is a perfect teachable moment isn’t it? Thank you Universe.” Once I looked up the first thing I focused on was his name badge; J. Kemblech. The second thing I focused on was the face of the black officer who stood a few feet behind with the look on his face of ‘I’m just here because this white asshole needs a token black officer in case anything goes down and quite frankly I’m tired of this crap’ .

“What was that?” I asked.

Officer Kemblech repeated “What’s in the bag?”

“Do you have a warrant?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“I said, do you have a warrant?” I repeated.

Uh oh, I have questioned his authority and now his face contorts because I have not obeyed so I have to watch the obligatory Superman pose as his fists touch his hips.

“What’s going on here with you guys anyway?” Kemblech asks authoritatively.

“Oh, I’m just teaching these two young black men about their Constitutional Rights and how they don’t have to allow you guys to search them without a warrant.” I answered as I pointed to the Constitution in front of me.

To my pleasure the black officer behind pasty face smiled from ear to ear as the two young black men looked at me as if to say “Nigga, is you cray?”

“Oh is that right? You just come down here to teach people their rights like that’s normal or something?” Kemblech asked with arsenic in his tone.

“Well I’m down here playing with my kiddos over there if you must know but whenever I can teach someone about their Constitutional Rights I do as a matter of fact, you know the Constitution don’t you, that thing you took an oath to uphold?” I asked.

“I’m out here protecting your constitutional rights, untkay, so I think I might know it a little better than you. So let’s see some I.D.” Kemblech ordered.

“I don’t carry any.” I smirked.

He gives the look of astonishment because I don’t have any paypaz, cranes his neck and pulls out his pad and pen.

“What’s your name then?”

“I don’t have to tell you that either…sorry guy.”

His jaw opens in bewilderment as the black officer behind him drops his head in an attempt to hold back a laugh. Then like a spoiled little child who just had his lollipop taken away he exclaims “Yes you do! Georgia law says you have to provide me with your name and birthday if I ask you!”

“Would you like to read that to me in the O.C.G.A then tell me what probable cause you have that I am in the commission of a crime?” I asked.

“You’re loitering!”

“I’m in a public park and curfew isn’t until 9 p.m. so would you like to explain to me how I’m loitering?” I asked with my best return of the look of dumb-assery.

Officer Kemblech stutters and stammers for a moment, upset that his shiny badge and bat-gadgets aren’t helping him to get his little way and I make the decision to end this little back and forth.

“Look man, I’m going to go ahead and evoke my Fifth Amendment because I’m tired of answering your questions, okie dokie?” I smiled.

“So you aren’t going to give me your name?” He asked.

Silent smile.

“I said you aren’t going to give me your name?” He repeated.

Nothing but crickets. The two young black men looked at me with their  jaw to their pecs, then to me as if to say “Muhfucka, you is cray!”

“Oh, I see. You want to play the game.” Kemblech said as every officer I have ever encountered does.

That’s when I decided to activate my First Amendment with a response of “My Constitutional Rights are not a game and neither are theirs.” as I pointed to the young men beside me.

“Now” I said “am I under arrest, or am I free to go?”

With a humiliated swallow of pride he whimpered “You’re free to go.” So I stood to my feet and looked at the two young men with a wink knowing that it’s one thing to teach them their Rights but it is something completely different to show them their Rights in action.

“You fellas want to follow me and get this information I’m preaching?” I asked.

“Hell to the yeah.” They both reply as they give officer Kemblech their best chin snub.

“Let’s step.” I say as we turn our backs to them and walk to my lady friend and her kiddos with our best gangsta walk.

“By the way, whoever’s bag that is over there, you can go back and get it now. We found a little weed in there but I’m not worried about a little residue. If it’s yours you might want to grab it, there’s a nice pair of shoes in there. Wouldn’t want you to leave them behind.” Kemblech couldn’t help but baiting. We just kept walking.

My lady friend was sitting at the pic-nick table shaking her head with a smile as the three of us rolled up on a sista. I finished giving them my contact information and threw the Constitution down on the table for them to keep.

“You see how it’s done now fellas?” I asked.

My chest filled up with pride as I saw the look of empowerment on their face at having learned a most valuable lesson this day, a lesson they would never forget for the rest of their lives. They had seen first-hand how every American, black, white and everything in between should exert the God given Rights they are endowed with in the face of authoritarian oppression from a police state masquerading as protectors. I felt privileged having been the messenger of this most Holy message to two young men who have their whole lives ahead of them. I instructed them to contact me as soon as they got home and I would teach them how to use those Rights backwards and forwards under the condition that in turn they teach as many young black men the knowledge I would pass along to them; to which they agreed.

As they walked on their way my lady friend took her youngest one’s hand as her oldest hopped on my back and we made our way to her car. As she strapped the kids in their seats I watched as the police cruisers dispersed the area. Before she got in the car I gave her a peck on the cheek and told her I was going to walk back home and I would see her later to which she nodded and told me to be careful. So I put my earbuds back in and as the sun quickly faded and gave way to the dark I gangsta walked my way down the trail. Just before entering the woods leading to my house I looked over at the bench where the back-pack still sat. I looked around for a minute and with Geto Boys playing in my ear I walked over and snatched the bag up… like a boss.

So if you happen to be reading this Paul Douchebag, I would have you take note and realize that if you see young black men as “black thugs” it’s because you haven’t done your duty as an American patriot and shared with them the Rights you claim to have fought for. You are right in not wanting to tip toe around blacks because in all actuality you should be marching alongside of them. As for the Warner Robins police department, how about instead of looking for victimless crimes and racking up on quota arrests and citations you start looking for citizens performing good deeds and public services and uplift them. How about every cruiser is equipped with pocket Constitutions to be passed out rather than being equipped with military grade weapons? How about instead of We the people being expected to bow to your badge, your badge be so loaded with integrity and honor its heavy enough to make you bow to us; the people you made an oath to protect and serve?



As for the owner of the bag, please contact me on Facebook on a private message and I will be happy to return it to you. It still contains your kicks, house key, Chap Stick, gold chain, .87 cents and some receipts from fast food joints. I didn’t find any weed though.








matrix-agentgunDaniel Louis Crumpton here wishing to deliver a bit of my First Amendment to all of you. Recently I was listening to JADED with Kim Ochelli on UCY.TV, a radio show I am a frequent guest of myself though not on this particular night. A listener by the name of …”Cracker” called in to express his concerns regarding the recent events in Baltimore in the aftermath of the alleged murder of Freddie Gray while in police custody. “Cracker” began his call by pointing out the rap sheets of police homicide victims and how “these people” were “black thugs”. After host, Kim Ochelli expressed her view that a person’s rap sheet doesn’t warrant an instant death sentence the caller made the Indiana Jones logical leap of faith by switching gears to the idea that all of this was a distraction from the real issue of a police state. “Cracker” points out with no attachment to the details of the Baltimore issue, his contempt for the fact when people complain at police departments they are ignored.

Now, before I get into the meat of this piece I do have to address the opening premise of the caller’s concerns. I don’t do the whole racism thing because quite honestly I think it is just a waste of time due to the fact that I personally don’t believe in “races”, rather I believe in cultures. That being said I don’t really see the need to distinguish a “black thug” over a thug at all, but “Cracker” is more than entitled to make those distinctions for himself. Secondly, I don’t see how the caller could possibly believe that people murdered while in police custody without due process of law could be a distraction from the issue of a growing police state in this country and dismiss those murders due to rap sheets generated by the police. Anyone who is aware of the police state rising knows full well that one of their many tactics is to upcharge those they arrest with anything and everything they can think of. I have personally spoken to many police officers who gloat about up charging all the time with the justification that they know the suspect’s lawyer will plea down anyway, so that might as well throw as much mud against the wall as they can to see what sticks. However, Mr. “Cracker” has no problem whatsoever dismissing the issue of Freddie Gray based on how many statutes and act violations the police could pin on the guy which may or may not be true. As I said before, the Freddie Gray thing will not be the meat of this article but I had to premise the logical nose dive this particular caller began with to prepare you for what is to come.



For the next hour and some change Mr. “Cracker” gives Alex Jones a run for his money as he nearly swallows his phone and with a loud guttural, desperately pessimistic voice essentially declares that all is lost. After establishing that he will completely talk over any opposing views expressed by the host and co-host (because after all, if you can talk the loudest that means you must be right), he uses the ham fisted “rabbit trail” technique when asked direct questions. You know how that works; you ask a direct question and the person who has absolutely no answer replies with a twenty minute story that has no connection to the question so that by the time they are done you will have completely forgotten what you asked to begin with. Mr. “Cracker” then goes on after popping his intellectual ego Viagra to scream to the audience that A. there is a police state coming and B. nothing can be done about it, hence completely demoralizing anyone who happens to think otherwise thereby immobilizing them by means of fear from attempting to do anything about it. Now aint that a great prize at the bottom of the box of Cracker Jacks?

The overzealous caller goes on to outline things that I think we can all agree with such as a fiat currency, globalization, the police state and the collapse of everything as we know it. These are concepts that we are all aware of and concerned about, myself included, however where “Cracker” veers off the course I have set myself upon is at the point when he does a Joker like hair pull and rips through all the avenues of pushing this thing back. Take tyrants to court? Nope, not gonna work. Protest? No chance. Educate the masses? Good luck there. Vote for Liberty candidates? Why vote? Expose the corruption? I’d rather stock up on ammo. Will it work on the federal level? Course not. How about the local level? Unicorns and skittles fella. This guy is a hard liner and makes absolutely sure that by the time he is done ingesting his phone with his predictions of all out nuclear annihilation of the human species the listener is left with the impression that there is no point engaging in anything because he has attempted to shoot down any and all solutions many of us advocate.

saltines“Cracker” points to the mythical date of when the “shit hits the fan” as they say when it will be kill or be killed. Aside from the fact that no one has ever been able to define for me exactly what the “shit hitting the fan” is they typically say it will be when the dollar collapses. I find this an odd indicator of total enslavement by a tyrannical, shadowy elite seeing as how the same people of this sort of mindset will clearly tell you that the establishment of the current dollar was the beginning of total enslavement by a tyrannical, shadowy elite. So let me get this straight; the shadowy elite designed the fiat system of the dollar by establishing the federal reserve in 1913 putting us all in shackles of never ending debt …but if this shackle of the dollar collapses that is when the proverbial “shit will hit the fan”? Is “Cracker” suggesting that the only thing postponing enslavement is enslavement? Your guess is as good as mine and quite frankly this particular caller lost me when he stated that Muslims get a free pass in this country because they are willing to kill people. The first thing I would like to know is what Muslims are getting a free pass at; full price at the local barbeque joint buffet? Secondly, aren’t all those drones flying over Muslim countries and smart bombs blowing Muslim kids to bits sent courtesy of the world’s finest “Christian” nation?


The one thing this caller was absolutely sure of is that this thing will NEVER be settled peacefully and I am sure he would be more than happy for you to subscribe to that viewpoint as well. That’s right, he is gonna go down in a Clint Eastwood blaze of glory complete with squinty eye and half chewed cigar as he holds his shotgun up at a legion of Lenco Bearcats as the words “Go ahead punk, make my….oh my god! Oh my god! I’ve been tazed, bitten in the face by a rather large dog, riddled with rubber bullets, real bullets and these nightsticks really hurt while they are thwacking against my dying skull. Maybe I should have thought this whole shooting at the tyrants that wanted me to shoot at them to begin with so they could do this to me thing through before I came out of my woodshed with this cute little shotgun.” See how silly that sounds? The fact of the matter is that people who say they will shoot back will not shoot back no matter how much they say they will because if such people actually would, they would have done it a long, long time ago. My Dad always told me to never take a man who talks about bringing a world of ass whooping on you seriously because he is overcompensating with his mouth what he isn’t willing to do with his ass. That goes for bullies and gun barrel licking doomsday prophets waiting for feces to fly from a fan.


The caller indicated he was an older gent that was in Vietnam and knew from the age of 16 that this country was turning into a police state…but still made the decision of participating in an unconstitutional institution (military) and furthering the agenda of a police state by being a pawn in a “police action” overseas. Thanks guy! We young whipper snappers really appreciate you passing the buck on down to us so that we are forced to find solutions you were too apathetic to deal with in your day and too pessimistic to even consider as options today. Your country’s prodigy is in debt to you Mr. “Cracker”.

The fact of the matter is that the caller is wrong about this Revolution. Yes it is true that American citizens are armed to the teeth just as it is true that the police and military are as well and what a conflict would spell is simply mutually assured destruction. At the end of the day the best interest of both so called sides will be is self-preservation; and that excludes mutually assured destruction. When you rule that out the only option you are left with is Peaceful Revolution. What needs to be understood is that Revolutions transpire differently with the passing of time, though the purpose of Revolution is to essentially reboot something which has degraded. Revolutions are upgrades and anyone who believes we are ever going to go back to the good ole Republic that started in 1776 is sadly mistaken. No, as I always say and as your eyes see each and every time you visit our site, Revolution is Evolution. We aren’t going to restore the Republic, this is true. What we are going to do is walk through these birth pangs fearlessly and on the other side give birth to something far, far better. People such as “Cracker” will still be cracking rocks together waiting for a spark from the Neanderthal age as people such as myself and you hold up high the flaming torch of Liberty from the rising of a new species.

As for the claim that words are useless in Revolution I would ask people of such persuasion to remember the fact that the sword of Washington would have had no power if not for the pen of Paine and what more are the rights in our Constitution than mere words? No, words are the most effective weapon in any battle because they have more power than any bullet in that they can blow minds away rather than brains. As Thom Yorke says; what’s the point of instruments, words are a sawed off shotgun! So if you are determined to fight in this thing you best reload; as for me my pen is my sword and my keyboard is my AR-15.






With recent legislation such as HB 310 being passed here in the state of Georgia by politicians so caught up in the web of legalese they can’t understand the simple language of the Bill of Rights, the flippant attitude towards the People has once again been openly flaunted by representatives who seem to only represent themselves. With all of this new open tyranny by a state government that seems to just want to laugh in our face as they stick it to us, I think it’s about time we return the gesture.


pigsWhile taking the time to go through some of the folders on my desktop, I rediscovered a little gem. A term paper I wrote a couple of years back titled How to Dispose of the Body. After reading it I just knew this piece of literature had to be shared with the world so I of course chose to read it on the air with my good friends Chuck and Kim Ochelli and as usual the hilarity ensued. I hope you guys see the humor in turning lemons into lemonade as much as they did. Cheers!